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I wrote my first blog yesterday and got three lovely people do listen and even more wow they understand.

Thank glad I found this site only did so by accident through the American Behcet's Disease Association web site.

Today has been a bad one so far. Well if you can call going back to bed and sleeping for four hours bad!!! I actually hate doing that because having major trouble sleeping at night and will prob take longer tonight (Maybe not)

Have to do homework with my eleven year old now. Thanks again.

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Another area where you are completely understood! I have slept most of today - Monday is the day after I take my methotrexate and I seem to sleep the day away and feel generally rough. That would be brilliant if I slept at night but most nights are spent roaming round the house and dripping sweat everywhere!

To think I used to dream of spending a day in bed. Those were the days eh?

Welcome to the group, you've found a nice place to hang out.


Now we dream of having that feeling again, that lovely warm dream of spending the day lounging in bed!!!!

Thanks you for your warm welcome


Welcome to the group. It is a great place to share experiences with people who really do understand how you are feeling.

Knowing I can share my experiences with BD in this group has really helped me come to terms with my condition.

We are all in the same boat with varying degrees of DB, it is good to be able to have a rant about a day/week but also post cheerful things.

Welcome, welcome. x x


I know exactly what you mean...being able to connect with people who actually understand is just amazing..

Thanks for your warm wishes and welcome


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