Hey everyone.

I recently started yoga and wanted to let you guys know that it's been great for the pain in my joints....and my back.

My mum does Tai Chi and it is also good for it. I started the yoga when my ankle was about to swell up....! Since starting the yoga I have less pain and better joints in general. I think starting during a good patch would be best though because I know starting in the middle of a flare would be impossible!

I was wondering if anyone else has tried it or anything like it for the pain/inflammation etc. I also have had less headaches, I suppose because it get's the blood flowing etc.

it's great because even if you are extremely tired it's not too strenuous but it is still a challenge (no spinning classes!!!)

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  • Glad you've found something helpful Denise. Sadly, I couldn't even begin to consider it, in fact, I rarely leave the house now because most things are too much for me, both in terms of tiredness and pain. In fact, I have my regular consultant's appointment on Friday and the OH has forgotten to book the day off. Even though I have a perfectly good (and rather beautiful) car sitting on the drive it is highly unlikely I will be able to get to the hospital - just a 15 minute drive away - under my own steam. We are having to insure number one son to drive my car for a day so that he can take me.

    I know there was somebody wrote about the wonders of exercise - it might have been Grumpy Dave but I'm not sure. I think that probably if you exercised regularly leading up to and through the early stages of your BD then you could keep going. For instance, Frisky still teaches Pilates - although I know she is now finding it difficult.

    The lesson here is - don't stop!

  • Yeah I was thinking that some of the group might not be able to consider it. I tried lots of different things but could not keep up...or they tired me out way to easily and I spent a week recovering! yoga seems to be the only thing agreeing with me!

    It's tough when the symptoms get so bad, Hope things get better for you soon :)

  • My 'exercise' is to gently stretch whatever I can before I get up in the morning, to give my muscles time to wake up. Then to stretch whenever I think about it during the day. I also do specific muscle exercises, such as clenching my bum checks and pulling in my tummy. My OH puts light pressure on various parts of my body so I can feel them, such as shoulder blade, and I attempt to gently push against him. These things were recommended by my Physio. I can't do any 'conventional' exercise but can still help things to function as well as possible. When I get into bed at night I do some deep breathing/relaxation exercises and have another stretch. I have regular massage to help with blood flow and tight muscles too.

  • Ah, that's a good idea Tig, I hadn't thought of doing that, yet I used do the bum tightening and belly-pulling-in all the time before, so why shouldn't I do it now! Stoopid woman I am sometimes!!

  • The pulling in of your tummy is very yoga-like. It's what the instructor pull your tummy in and UP! engaging your core I think! Just stretching in general is great if you can't do conventional exercise. what I love is that the instructor says that if it is painful STOP. She doesn't agree to 'no pain, no gain'....thankfully!! I had a really bad back and nothing worked but stretching it out at yoga is helping big time. it's great because you can do it at home in front of the TV or whenever you feel up to it (which might not be everyday!)

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