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starting methotrexate injections after being on methotrexate tablets

Hi there

Just about to start methotrexate injections having been on methotrxate tablets for 6 months and wondered if anyone else has been in the same position.

My neuro thinks it maybe more effective and have less side affects if I have self injection methotrexate instead of tablets.

My Liver functions and stomach problems have continued thorughout my medication in the past and I really suffer with taking most medications. My neuro thinks it maybe better if I self inject into the muscle rather than take tablets.

This does make some sense to me as the tablets go into the stomach and also through the liver, which seems to be a problem with all medications I take.

Just wondered if anyone else does have the self injections and how they are getting on


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Personally I take the tablets but my mum injects and she is getting far less side effects (less sickness and headaches). She still feels nauseus but not as bad as she was before. She doesnt take it for Behcets but for another rheumatoid condition. Hope this helps.



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