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ALT results: son on methotrexate

My son, who is 7, takes 15mg/week of methotrexate is normal ALT figure is 27. It has jumped up to 60 this month which is just above normal the normal range where the maximum figure is 50. I have emailed his rheumy nurses and left a message but know it will be a while before they get back to me. We are not due to see his consultant for a couple of weeks. Should I be worried or jumping up and down more for him to be seen sooner. Does anyone know.

Thank you


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I am on colchicine myself which can alter ALT and AST levels. For the first two years i had no issues. Normal ranges. All of sudden, ALT and AST jumped nearly 3-4x out of the range. It had me very concerned. Went back a month later and everything was perfect again. Maybe i was under stress at the time. Who knows. I have learned to take behcet symptoms with a grain of salt. Some days will be crazy; crazy is the new normal. Unless I am in significant pain, I just deal with it. It always subsides. Try to not over think things too much, your son will sense your stress and become nervous himself.


Thank you, that is very reassuring. I do over think. It has been such a rollar coaster and I have found it all very scarey. Also, I have been looking. He had the blood test on a Monday morning (9am) normally he has it on a Wednesday morning. We give him MTX on a Saturday evening maybe it is just showing a normal rise after dose. Who knows... But thank you. Becca x


Hi Becca,

Personally I wouldn't be too concerned at that level, but I would switch to weekly bloods for a few weeks if I were you, just to keep a closer eye on it. If your doctors surgery is anything like mine you can probably just make your own appointments with the nurses for bloods and tell them you'll be needing them weekly for the time being.

Just a thought. Hope all goes well :)


Thank you, I hadn't thought of repeating the blood test sooner. It is hard cause he is only 7 and gets very nervous. Becca x


Not sure how it works out your way, (as I live in Canada) but to ease your mind, you could call on your primary care doctor,pediatrician or even consult a pharmacist about the levels and what it means for a 7 yr old. That is if you don't get an answer fr your rheumy by friday. As a mom i completely understand the worry and dealing with little ones can be slightly different than us older folk. Good luck to you and hope you get answers and peace of mind!


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Hi my 12 year old daughter has her bloods done every few months. Having maxed out on all meds & 4 weekly Infliximab, her bloods can be a bit high or a bit low at times. Although last year she was in a huge flare & her ESR that should be between 0-6 was >160. This was a scare the first time we had actually evidence of a flare. I feel BD is difficult to understand & as a mother I have learned to follow your gut feeling. I have found that Jaida may not b in a huge flare yet but that seems to be when her bloods change, then symptoms start.

I'd get the bloods done sooner if you are worried & call the Rhymatologist they'd want to know. Xx


Thank you for the advice.


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