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hi to eveyone

hi everyone ,my names is bobby i had found out i had behcet's in2001,i take 200mg azathioprine and now drop down to5mg prednisolone.i used to skin ulcers on body ,mouth ulcers it was hell.but now it much better.i do get headache and pain in rigth leg and feel tried so timeandfeel hot most time.but i find going swimming help sometime with the pain don't know why?anyway just to say hi to everyone.

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Hi bobpink

We are a small but very friendly group here. It is good to hear from someone whose medication is working well for them.

I too think swimming is a good form of exercise as it isn't hard on the joints and muscles and also very relaxing.

I am sure we will chat some more in the future



Hi bobpink welcome to the forum.


Hi Bobbie

I tried swimming but gave up as so much was happening - must get back into it!



Hello bobby

welcome to the forum, I am a newbie too!

I have taken up swimming 5 days a week and have found it helps me a lot :o)


Hello Bobby

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it as comforting and helpful as I do.

I hadn't thought of swimming - mostly it's all I can do to get out of the chair at the moment and I feel so fat and sluggish that I must do something. But swimming means wearing a cossie - my poor steroid destroyed body ain't that pretty to look at. Hmmm!


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