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Turmeric, Colchicine & Pains

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Hi all,

I am including turmeric in a lot of my cooking but a lot of people online recommend taking a supplement. Does anyone do this and if so, does it seem to make a difference? I also want to make sure that I buy a decent supplement that is pure and not containing other random ingredients, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have been on 0.5g of Colchicine a day but have now been asked to double it as a few ulcers have started coming through again after being on it for 4 weeks. I forgot to ask if I should separate the doses or just take both tablets together, any advice on this?

Lastly, and randomly, does anyone get a pin like stabbing pain down below or in their mouth before an ulcer appears? And do sometimes the lesions below look more like a small lump rather than an open ulcer?

Sorry for all of the questions but any responses would be much appreciated

Thank you


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Sorry I can’t really add much on Colchicine as I took it for gout. Had no side effects and helped to reduce the inflammation.Cheers


Hi Lubyluboo,

I think we spoke before!! I'm not yet diagnosed but I did see a Rheumatologist a few years ago who said 'it could be Behcets'. I have had mouth ulcers and nether region ulcers for the last 25 years! I have recently been through a period of stress and had a mega flair of Uveitis, erythema nodulosum and joint swelling. I await confirmation but I'm sure its Behcets. There is a back log and I am having to wait ages for diagnoses but I see it as an opportunity to fine tune diet and try some supplements. I have had symptoms since end of April till last week when I started taking Solgar Turmeric root extract and Pure Encapsulations Magnesium (Glycinate). Having felt quite unwell and exhausted for a few months I now feel much better! It could be coincidence but I did find a journal article saying that Magnesium may lessen the symptoms of vasculitis.

I have also been gluten free since flair and try to eat lots of vegetables and not much processed food. Mouth ulcers and Nether region ulcers are not really a problem if I supplement with Methyl folate (not folic acid). If you search the term in the groups lots of people have low levels of folate. When I do feel an ulcer coming (small painful bump) I immediately use topical steroid (Dermovate Ointment) and it disappears with almost no interruption to life!!

I'm not on any medication but have read that there is a theoretical risk that turmeric can interact with Colchicine. There was a case study of man who had nephrotoxicity but he was taking 10 tablespoons plus a day. Otherwise the only studies have been done in animals. I hope someone is able to tell you if they are taking Colchicine and Turmeric with no problem.

I don't think there are any known interactions with magnesium. ( I have membership to the natural medicines database which is where I get my info!)

I hope this helps.

I'm interested to see how you get on. Last time I saw the Rheumatologist she was keen to start me on Colchicine but I was asymptomatic at the time other than the odd mouth ulcer. I'm not sure where I lie on the scale of severity but do everything I can diet and lifestyle wise to stay in the non sever zone! I was plagued by ulcers and fatigue until changing my diet.

Good luck.

Yes, I use a product called: Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength. I find that it helps my joints.

I get those strange nerve feelings as well. In fact, just before a flare-up my nerve endings sometimes feel like shingles. It hurts to touch my skin or have clothes rub my skin. It's an awful feeling.

Take care,


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