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Anal fissure- please help


Hi everyone,

This is going to be a TMI post so I apologise in advance but I’m completely at a loss right now. I seem to have a fissure or an ulcer in my back passage, going to the toilet and having a bowel movement feels like shards of glass coming out, I cry from the pain it’s that bad, the toilet is covered in blood every time I go- not just a little bit, a lot. It all started from 1 dry bowel movement. Iv tried sitz baths, Iv used sudocrem, Iv completely changed my diet to include more fibre, I already drank loads of water so I’m still continuing to do that.

Does anyone have any advice they can give me to help ease the pain? It’s been going on for 4 weeks now and I’m just so fed up, I can’t sit properly or sleep hence why I’m writing this at 2.45am :( I will be ringing the doctors but it’s an awful time during this pandemic that I don’t think I’ll be seen.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, I’m so sorry to hear you are in such discomfort, I’ve had similar experiences. I was offered Anusol anti inflammatory By prescription but you can buy this online. My prescription never turned up but I just bought it on line. You can use it before movements to make it more bearable. Also for female genital area I was given synalar which really helped. Colchicine was the only thing that calmed by ulcers, these were mainly oral. Hope this helps, best wishes

muttiof3 in reply to SCMW

If this is an ulcer, I've never had ulcers there. If it is a split on the backside of the rectum (versus the bellybutton side) that happens to me often. It's somewhat frightening to look in the toilet and have the water be so red. Anyway, have any of the doctors suggested a stool softener? Once it's healed, it might help. (As I'm proofreading this, I realized something. I haven't had a split in awhile. Speaking of TMI, how you arrange yourself on the toilet and how you push might make a difference. Sometimes, when I push, I feel like I'm going to get a split and I rearrange my position on the toilet and change how hard I push......sorry, it really is to much information but if it might help, I guess I don't care:)

As soon as I get a split, I use Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) in gel form over the cut. It stings for a split second but then it doesn't bother me and my splits usually heal within a day or two at most. Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide, antibacterial, and antiseptic, and it boosts healing, etc. It's a really useful oil.

It should go without saying that I try to keep everything 'downstairs' as clean as possible. That whole area is pretty much a air free, warm, wet place. Ideal for bacteria, etc.

p.s. If it is an ulcer, maybe Desitin - diaper rash ointment creme, (my go to for the kids and me when they were little and I always had it.)

Hi Faye I feel your pain. I guess we get to the situation where we don’t care about the TMI factor. I was examined by a very lovely female dermatologist. She definitely diagnosed ulcers in the anal passage. She was very shocked and embarrassed because the first consultation she just fobbed me off, and the second time on examination she said how bad they were. There are products around - you may have to get a prescription from your GP, however something to numb the area before and even after you go to the toilet (and also when you’re in a bad way in the middle of the night). Definitely also something to really soften the stools until things get better. I’m in Australia so the brand names are probably different but if you could get something strong for haemorrhoid pain it should help. I haven’t thought of using tea tree oil gel, but that is an excellent product for many of our woes. cheers Lesley

This is the name of an ointment I was given in hospital- apparently the patients are given it after haemorrhoid surgery. The brand name is Rectinol (says it all) the ingredients are zinc oxide 200mg and cinchocaine hydrochloride 5mg. Hopefully your doctor and/or pharmacist can come up with something similar- works wonders!

Hi. I feel your pain. I suffer with these as well. The only thing that has worked for me is Anucort-HC 25 mg suppository. It's a life saver. I don't know who you would go about getting it the the UK. Good luck.

Try Metamucil semi-regularly to keep stool soft moving forward in the future.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Another painful day but I rang the doctors and they’ve given me rectogesic ointment as it reduces pressure and increases blood flow to promote healing however it gives you a nasty headache, they’ve also given me some macrogol to soften stools and also some lidocaine ointment to numb the area before & after a bowel movement. They have said that if the pain is no better by Monday then I need to go to the doctors for an examination incase it is an ulcer. Hoping all this helps as the pain lasts all day and makes me cry it’s that bad. I appreciate all the responses! If this doesn’t work then I’ll definitely be trying something else. The more advice, the better as this could really help someone else, it’s such a terrible thing to go through :(

gillianTS in reply to faye-g

Hi Faye

I have had many many issues over the years with bleeding, not being able to go to the toilet and not wanting to go for fear of making things worse. I have tried so many things from the GP and had a colonoscopy last year which confiirmed diverticulitis which I knew I had and was diagnosed when 21.

I am very careful with my diet and eat lots of fibre and drink plenty of fluid but this still did not solve the problems. I hate being on medicine such as for softening stools so decided to try last year magnesium citrate, take 100 to 200mg at night with a full glass of water before bed, so far this works for me. I am very aware that eating refined carbohydrates makes it more difficut for me to go to the toilet so do not eat pasta, bread, pizza etc very oftenand I also have around a dessert spoon of fresh ground linseed on my breakfast each day.

I love tea tree oil and have used this for years, what I would say about this is when I have feelings something is not right I mix a tiny amount with sudacrem and pu it just in this area, I use the same or neat for vaginal ulcers too. I always get a tiny tingling feeling when I these things are starting to kick off, exactly the same with my mouth ulcers too and I recall a doctor telling me years ago before I was ever diagnosed to act as soon as you get any kind of feelings dont delay and in the most this has worked for me. Neat tea tree can also make things dry up so be aware this might make things worse too.

Really realy hope things start to improve with you soon :-)

Hi Faye

Do contact your GP. As I understand it, surgeries are actually very quiet these days unless there is an outbreak of Covid in theor locality.

I feel for you it’s 8 weeks for me the pain is terrible . Did you fix ur problem. I finally went to emerg when dr said i had fissure he prescribe me a rectal rocket and some cream the problem is this gives me diarrhea also he refer me to a surgeon which is Wednesday

faye-g in reply to Mil48

Hi, the pain isn’t fully gone yet but it’s definitely getting better. Not bleeding as much and going to the toilet is easier especially with the lidocaine as it numbs the area so it acts as a lubricant almost! The cream I’m using gives you a headache but definitely is working! I hope it all gets better for you, such an awful thing to go through :( good luck!

Hi Faye,

I am suffering from a similar problem. I get fissures frequently because the initial part of my stools are as hard as rock sometimes and difficult to pass. If I strain hard to pass them they cause a tear in the anal wall with bleeding leading to a fissure. I cannot call it constipation because the rest of the stools are soft. I tried various kinds of diets and remedies to no effect. I found out that this happens for no rhyme or reason and cannot be related to anything I do or eat. The closest word to describe it is fecal impaction but I am not sure.

My workaround for this nasty problem is to use an enema bulb whenever I feel it is too hard to pass or when I have a fissure. Fill the bulb with tap water or luke warm water and inject in the rectum. Better do this when you don't have an immediate urge or wait for the urge to subside and then inject. You can use a lubricating ointment on the nozzle and also on the anal wall if you prefer. After this you will have a strong urge in a few minutes. Now release slowly, let a little water out first (not all) and then release completely. The hard part will pass out easily along with the rest of the water either in one piece or in bits.

If you happen to develop that fissure again, you can try applying Vicco Turmeric ointment sprinkled with turmeric root powder on the anal walls after defecation. I do this every time I have a fissure and it heals within a week. I also take B complex capsules with vitamin C during this period.

Hope this helps.

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