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Colchicine Side Affects?

Hi, I started a trial of colchicine 500mg 10 days ago and I am wondering if I am having some side affects from taking this new drug or I am just having a worse flare up, my joints and entire bones feel very sore like someone has pull me very hard all over and given me a pummeling, my mouth ulcers seem somehow different in that I have got more of them and in places like under my tongue which has not happened in a long time, under my tongue feels sore too and I am very fatigued and my throat looks like it has ulcers and/or strep starting. I wondered whether anyone else has experienced side affects on taking this drug and if so what were they? Also is there a period of time when this drug starts to work as in days/weeks or is it an instant thing, I am supposed to be trialing it for 4 months to try and reduce the ulcers and allowed increases if needed, any feedback greatly appreciated. Gillian

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When I started colchicine I was told it takes 4-6 weeks to properly kick in as it is a slow acting drug. Sounds like you prob having a nasty flare and it will take a little while for the colchicine to take control of that. I am almost 2 years into taking it and it keeps the worst of the symptoms at bay and makes them much milder than they used to be. Still get some fatigue, some ulcers/fasciulitis and joint pain but it is better controlled. good luck and hope it kicks in soon.....


Thank you for letting me know how long it will take for Colchicine to kick in, did your joint pain improve with the drug as well, I have read it can help some people? Do you know if this is a drug that you can stopped and started again when flare ups start and stop? Thanks and take care.


It improved my joint pain quite a bit. My rheumatologist told me colchicine has two effects. One is anti-inflammatory, and that works straight away - which is why people with gout take high doses but only during attacks, and get results quickly. Its other effect is to reduce the production of neutrophils. This is what has most benefit in Behçet's, but this response takes weeks rather than days.


The inflammation-modulating effects of colchicine take several months to work. I kept improving for 6 months, then it plateaued.

Immediate side effects are usually gastric in nature. I haven't heard of it making flares worse. But best talk to your doc about it.


Thank you for your help in confirming how long I will need to be looking for this drug to work, I have to trial it for 4 months and record my progress for the rheumatologist who said the dose could increase from the 0.50mg which I am taking up to 2mg once a day, have you found whether there is a better time to take the drug eg before or after food, morning or night time? Thanks Gillian


I found it easier on the stomach to separate the doses. I started out taking it 3 times a day with food, then dropped to twice a day once I was more accustomed to it.


It depends on how many colchine tablets u take each day . They can cause u to have tummy pains and loose stools xx

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