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Behcets plus other autoimmune condition?


Hi I am just wondering does anyone here have Behcets plus any other autoimmune conditions? If so which one/ones? Am really curious

Hope you are all doing ok right now


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I was dx with Behcet’s in ‘95. Soon after, I tested positive for Sjogren’s.

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Thanks for responding x

I have behcets, relapsing polychondritus (affects cartilage) and APS (sticky blood).

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Thanks for responding x

I gave behcetes

hi there- I had neuro behcets symptoms starting at 17 (meningitis) coupled with progressively more and more sensitive sucrose intolerance. While I wont super say that the sucrose intolerance is autoimmune, I am 100% convinced that the two are related, as they popped up together.

any hoo- when i got dx with behcets officially at 25, I was probably in the beginnings of my newest autoimmune disease now, pernicious anemia, as theBW suggests it then but wasnt diagnosed until 31. (im about to be 32 now).

so behcets, sucrose intolerance, pernicious anemia, seems like every 5 years i get a new card which makes me less worried about the old cards LOL

Yes my daughter has Oral Facial Granulomatosis, hypermobillity syndrome

Hi I have Behçet’s and pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) which is apparently also very rare. A couple of dermatologists diagnosed the PG on the same day. The lesions I get have a bright pink ring around them.

Hi, yes it’s very common for them to co exist. For me FMS and Behcets, my mother IGA vasculitis and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Potentially APS or Hughes Syndrome. Best wishes

Thank you xx

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