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Uncontrolled toilets

Right ok I am completely embarrassed and totally fuming with my situation, lately I've not been able to hold my toilets in, the worst is peeing, but I also can't hold number 2s it comes suddenly and I can't wait I need to go straight away, I have no control I try my best but I can't hold, I've put up with it for months and the doctor took a urine sample and can't find anything, today I felt I needed to urinate, I work and am out in the road alot but today couldn't find a toilet so drove to a car park and before I stopped it just started flowing all over myself and seat luckily I had an empty plastic drinks cup that I grabbed and finished off there but people about and I am jumping around my van like a maniac and whipping my private part out is certainly not good and it's embarrassing and I am totally sick of this, does anyone know what I am experiencing and how I can resolve this nightmare, I am a 40 year old guy that's the most part healthy I've just got this madness in my life, any info or help would be appreciated thanks in advance.

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No they never tested anything in my bowels when I went to the doctor I said I've got quite a few problems that are concerning me, her reply was well I've only got 10 mins so tell me 2 that are the most concerning, I said well all are but told her the 2, before that appointment it was years ago I was last at the doctor's and that just put me right off going back, all the symptoms I have can all be related, that was my response, I totally understand dr's are busy but surely you need to hear all problems just incase it points to what's actually wrong. This is also the reason why I am here and why alot of people self medicate, thanks for your reply and time.



What you are experiencing needs investigation and discussing properly, I am not sure where you are located but I have looked for you and the NHS says: If you don't want to see your discuss with your GP, you can usually make an appointment at your local NHS continence service without a referral. These clinics are staffed by specialist nurses who can offer useful advice about incontinence.

Some NHS regions call in continence advisory service others continence advice service, if you simply type NHS continence service with your NHS region hopefully you can find a service near you who can help you very soon.

In the immediate meantime consider purchasing incontinence pads that you can discreetly use when you are travelling, this might provide a little relief in your desperation and embarrassment, which you have no need to feel because you have a medical situation that really needs expert help.

On the list of neurological symptoms of Behcet's it includes incontinence under inflammation of the nervous system, see the following link:


Tske care, Gillian


Thanks for your reply I will check it out, you can have a look at a reply I gave to another person to see why I am hesitant on going to doctors.


I think you should also seriously consider what you are eating and whether any of these foods can trigger the number twos.

Diet Triggers might include the following:

Too much fiber, especially the insoluble kind you get in the skin of fruits and vegetables

Food and drinks with chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, fructose, or sorbitol

Carbonated drinks

Large meals

Fried and fatty foods

Dairy products, especially in people who can’t digest the milk sugar lactose, called lactose intolerance

Foods with wheat for people who are allergic to or have a bad reaction to gluten.

I have a bad reaction to mashed potatoes and gluten.

If your condition has only recently manifested then it could be food, an irritant and bug in your stomach. Keep having to get to the bathroom for number two's can also have a detrimental effect on how hour body is dealing with nutrition.

Contacting your area NHS is something I would do without delay, your faeces need checking as does your urine and please do not let this GP put yoh off making another appointment, I would suggest a different GP and make a double appointment, write a list of symptoms and hand ghis to the GP so they have no excuse for you not information them about what you are suffering with, you need to urgently address this.


Thanks for that I've already contacted the incontinence nurse for my area and they are going to contact me with an appointment ASAP, I will call doctor tomorrow, as my doctor doesn't give appointments out unless you phone at 830 and 9 am which is quite a inconvenience trying they times when busy and you can't ever get through to them, thanks again.


If you continue to get issues making appointments with your GP drop a letter in to the surgery addressed to your GP and explain you are finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment despite calling the surgery at the specified times and that your health is deteriorating and can they please arrange for an appointment. I'm afraid too many GP surgeries are giving people no option but to turn to other avenues for help. I really hope you get an appointment very soon with the continence nurse and you can start to get some answers to a very difficult situation and something you should not be suffering with without help and guidance on how you can improve your quality of life.


And I thought I had problems. Can you relate number 2s to anything you have eaten recently eg something spicy that might irritate the bowel? Also, have you been officially diagnosed with Behçet’s? You need to find a sympathetic GP ASAP and then get onto a sympathetic specialist. Unfortunately when we are sick it takes a chunk out of our lives but it is something that you are not going to be able to put off.

A couple of things you could do to prepare yourself. As GTS said get some incontinence items ready, and if you go to a nurse you might get them for free. Buy a man’s travel urinal bottle (very cheap on eBay) and cover your lower half with a towel. Keep a diary of times and anything that might have contributed. See if you can limit intake of fluids before going out. Perhaps manage to do number 2 before leaving home.

Hope you find some relief (pardon the pun) Lesley


Thanks for your response and no my number 2s are every day no matter what I eat, one minute I am fine and don't need to go and without warning I need to run to the toilet, and no I've not been diagnosed with behcets, I just googled my problems and Google took me to this site, what would we do without Google eh


Thanks for your time and reply


Yes Doctor Google can be very handy, but taken with care, again pardon the pun. I feel you are going to have to be your own doctor to start with and take into account all the tips given below. It does sound like the kind of problem that needs urgent attention, your problem now is going to find a suitable health care professional.

If it is Behçet’s (and who knows it might be) there are a lot of symptoms that usually come with it - like mouth, genital and eye ulcers.

Interested to know how you get on.


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I will keep you posted as soon as I know, I read up a wee bit about behcets and it's actually sounds like it might be that as I suffer alot of headaches and I read that can also be a symptom.


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