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Joint pain?

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Hi everyone!

I’m currently experiencing a lot ( a lot, a lot) of pain in my heels, knees, hips, wrists, lower back and head. The thing is I’ve never experienced this before and the pain goes away after a good nights rest, only to reappear about 2-3 hours into my work shift the next day.However, this is not a new job and I’ve been doing it for years without pain.

I’m just curious to see if you, when flaring, experience constant joint pain or if it comes and goes? I’m playing the very fun game of: “is it Behçets or just your ordinary body getting older?”

Grateful for any help 🙏🏾

Wish you all good health


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I'm mid flare and had a bad back for several days prior to that my wrist hurt and today its been my knees 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ worth seeing your consultant just in case x

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Scandal in reply to Vanblitzen

I am thinking now that is a lot to do with what i eat

I suffer with bad joint pain which is worse during a flare, waiting to see rheumatologist to find out if Behçets or fibromyalgia.

Same here at the moment. With you on the age/behcets debate. I have rheumatology in the next month or so and I will ask. If I get any answers I will post.

for me its pinpointing the areas. My wrists and ankles are the tell- if they hurt- i know its behcets. i have weak wrists to begin with, so they will hurt with certain movements and weights. but when i get the both- for sure BD. If it is just wrists, I try to think about movements, but it generally a constant pain. I always compare it to having glass rods as wrists. I drop a lot of things too.

id say since it goes away after sleep, might be old man age creeping up on you. we are capable of "normal" issues too :P

hi, are you taking anything for this pain?

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Stin4 in reply to power2u

Just normal paracetamol!

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power2u in reply to Stin4

if I may, I think this is not the best in this case. I had joint pains and did a lot of research came across some natural treatments that provide relief and also help to heal. Mainly ginger, Boswellia and vitamin D. I then searched for vitamins or supplements with these ingredients. I found one and been using it. Helped a lot


For me ,example.

Im feeling okay , just mild pain,

Out of the blue, every major joint in my body is aching with pain it hurts to get up, to walk, to move..then i went to bed , woke up and I am not hurting like that. I dont understand why.

I don't do anything different. It is very I totally understand

Just try and rest when you can.



Mine starts when I go to bed it is awful

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