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Infliximab infusions


Hi everyone seasons greetings to you all,

Just an update on my Infliximab infusions....started them on Friday ,first one 7 and half hours there 🙄🙄thanks for all your tips regarding taking a book ...kept me sane

Feeling very tired ,just got everything crossed for some symptom relief soon

Hope you all have a great 2019 and wish you all a healthier 2019 (as much as we can have 😉)

Have a good one


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Hello, Kev.

I started Infliximab on 12/11 and am due for another infusion on 12/25, then 1/21. The loading doses take quite a while, and my doctor said I probably wouldn’t feel any benefit until March. The first infusion went very well, but I got a fever that lasted about five days.

Happy Holidays,


Thanks for reply Dave ,

Got my second infusion on 4th January, have been told it can take a while to get the right ammount into you to make a difference

Really hoping for some relief from easier 2019 hopefully

Enjoy the holidays


You should notice improvement in your symptoms after 2nd round of infusions in 4 months. I noticed much sooner but Dr yazici said that's how long you wait to see results. My infusions only 2 1/2 hours. But united states rheum docs prob have different protocol. Wishing you good health & happiness during the holidays and the coming year. Be well!

Thanks for reply Expectthebest,

Wishing you better health and a very merry and prosperous 2019 too


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