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Hi I have been suffering from severe itching for three years ago. I was under alot of stress and it started out I thought was,a sunburn on the inside of my arm which itched and burned then it progressed to my other arm mirroring the same issue...It gets worse at night and it's about to drive me insane.......ice is the only thing that calms it but doesn't make it go away....it's a tingling and needles poking from the inside out...just on my arms, no rash or hives no evidence of inflammation except from me scratching it raw....... plz help

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Hey Cindell.

That sounds so annoying and frustating, not to mention painful!

This is definitely one to get your Behcets Doctor or GP to look at. It could be a nerve issue or a neurological symptom but if it is causing you to make you skin as raw as that then something needs to be done, and I'd suggest quickly!

It may be a side effect of medication or not related at all. If it's external (although you mention no rash etc) then there may be a cream or ointment for you (at the very least something to help your current sores to heal). If it's internal, you need options of causes and it checking out.

I don't know what your diagnosis is but I get tingling sensations that are associated with Migraine/BD so for me its a Neuro symptom.

Keep us posted on the outcome and hope you get it resolved quickly:)

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Hi Cindell

I have something similar but it is on my back and called Notalgia paresthetica, also referred to by some as the unreachable itch! only I have Elher Danlos and can reach mine no problem :-) it is very weird and my rheumatologist said it is all to do with nerves... anyway

Sound like you have something called Brachioradial pruritus which is a condition where itch, burning, stinging, tingling and/or changed sensation arise in the areas of skin on either or both arms. The most commonly affected area is the mid-arm, but forearms and upper arms can also be affected. People often apply ice packs to the affected areas in an attempt to gain relief from the unpleasant symptoms. Read More:


My itch can also be soothed with Aloe Vera maybe you could give this a try if you have not tried already. Hope you get some relief soon.



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