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Tooth loss

Hi everyone. For the past two weeks I have been uffering bad pain in my front bottom teeth. I have always had quite sensitive teeth so I just guessed it was bad sensitivity and have been using all the new sensitive toothpastes and taking anti inflammatory. Then tonight my tooth felt a bit strange so I had a feel and actually found that both my bottom front teeth ar actually wobbly, to say I am upset is an understatement, I am 47 and can't believe this is happening . Have any other behcets friends had tooth loss for no apparent reason. Any replies would be really appreciated. Maria xx

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Hi there Maria!

I have, for many years, had problems with my teeth. I had often wondered why I have so many root canals that end up turning into me losing my teeth, in fact I have two teeth that have to be removed currently. After being part of a Behcets support group, it has given me insight into the fact that many of us struggle with issue. I'm 45 and take care of my teeth. I floss and brush them regularly and always feel so horrible going into the dentist and oral surgeon embarrassed of what they think. They are always really nice and understanding, and say that it has nothing to do with the amount of care. I always clench and grind my teeth when I sleep and have cracked many of them. I hope this helps. Take care! Leah


About 2 years ago I had terrible problems with my teeth top back 4. The pain was terrible then they all went loose bits fell off. This went on for about a year. They were thinking about putting a crown on where the chunk fell off but we decided that my body might not like it and would be a waste of money if I had more problems and it had to be removed. My dentist really thought that they would fall out. But as quickly as it started it stopped they became stable again and settled own. One did just die off and I had a route canal but since then all has been well. My dentist was totally baffled had never seen anything like it before. Hopefully your teeth will settle down like mine did. I now always use a organic natural toothpaste as this helps my ulcers but also my teeth. All the best Biddy


The following is written assuming you have related gum issues. If not.. maybe not so applicable.

My gums were horrible for years and caused my teeth to be somewhat loose. Seemed to coincide with me feeling lousy and being sick. Imagine that. My gum issues have settled since the last 10 or so years. I never lost teeth but several dentists were amazed I did not. It was recommended I get a gum patch where material from the roof of my mouth was patched onto the gums. I never did this and am happy I didn't.

I have one and only one very small cavity in my mouth, which came at about age 37. No root canals, bridges, nothing. Dentists were amazed at what used to go on. How can someone with nearly perfect teeth have such lousy gums?

My guess about this is that whatever the mechanism, it was Behcets related. I think this is another aspect and ebbs and flows like other symptoms. Hopefully yours will slowly get better and your teeth will tighten up.

I grind teeth also but for the last many years have worn a plastic mouth guard at night. Very easy to use and has helped my teeth from wearing down. Highly recommend one.

Good luck.


I've recently been diagnosed with BS and am waiting for my first appointment in September. For years I have had problems with my teeth and gums gingivitis ulcers root canals etc the dentist seemed to think it was due to lack of care. I've had my bottom front teeth removed as they were loose and now have dentures😞 At 48 with teeth being taken out is disheartening I know the reason why now but wished I had known earlier.


Hi Mariarich41, this is a link to the our factsheet on Behcet's and the mouth. behcets.org.uk/wp-content/u... Are you in the UK? If so, you may like to seek a referral (or appointment if you are already a patient) at one of the 3 Behcet's Centres of Excellence where they understand Behcet's and may be able to help you with the best outcome with the right treatment. Email us if you need details for the referral. Best wishes. Info@ behcetsdisease.org.uk


I also have BS and am mid-60's. I've never had much trouble with my teeth until a few months after being diagnosed 12 years ago. Then I suddenly started having problems with gingivitis. In the last 3 years I've had 2 teeth crack and one front tooth fell out when I bit into something soft. Lately I'm having pain all across the top row of teeth, and I'm afraid one of them is going to have to be removed. Right now a bridge of crowns across the front is taking care of the one missing, but with 2 missing I don't know....I never thought of it being related to BS but maybe it is!


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