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clinical trial

hi I'm going to start a clinical trial for a new drug at the freeman in Newcastle I'm waiting for the details of the medication I know it involves a fusion pump is any one else going on the trial I'm praying it works as my condtition is getting a lot worse I det my ulcers now almost permantly in lucky if I have a2 week break and they last for 4/6 weeks ive been on loads of diff meds but nothing has helped the only thing I have is some good pain relief with my lidnoqane lollies they are a god send hope this trial works and its good news for every one

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Hi Hun that's brill!! I was just wondering if you had been on humira? I'm on humira now and have been on it for 8 weeks . My consultant has said if this doesn't work that they are thinking it's not Behçet's? ! I seem to have heard such good stories about it from people on this site , but from listening to some people like yourself there are other drugs out there for Behçet's if this humira doesn't work for me?xx


Can you let us know what the new drug is? I would like to look into it some. Did the doctors tell you what phase the clinical trial is in? The way it works in the states, and likely Europe, there are several phases of a study. Phase one is the earliest. I really hope this works for you.


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