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Problems with balance and migraine


Has anyone got severe problems with their balance? Been suffering with more and more headaches and my balance is getting worse to the point than iam afraid to even leave my house. Waiting on the results from an MRI and a spinal tap but not really hopefully than neurologist will have anything useful to say to me. It is really getting me down

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Hi L :)

Yes, this normal. I am sorry you you are experiencing this and have not this explained to you. If you can seeing a neuromuscular doc and/or rehab (PT) to help with balance. They will help adapt with the day to day. Also try to infuse yoga into you exercise routine. Have a stable surface near you, a chair, barre, counter etc. take it slow :)

Keep hope :)




One of my early problems was a sudden onset of left sided deafness (70db plus loss). Was not aware of balance issue at time but was left with residual balance damage, only really affects me now if I tilt head forward. Main reason my damage was limited was massive doses of steroids which quickly restored hearing.

Good luck



I have balance and coordination problems since my neuro flare in April - it started with what I thought was a really bad migraine for a few days and then I had stroke like symptoms and lost the use of the left side of my body. I still have weakness on the left side and the balance issues. MRI showed lesions in the white matter of the brain and lumber puncture had over 200 cells. MRI from 2 weeks ago showed lesions are reducing. On loads of meds now to keep it under control. I hope you get your results soon


Thanks for your input sometimes I feel I am going mad with all the problems caused by BH. Good to be able to have feed back from other sufferers


Coffee can cause head aches.

Dairy products cause me to lose balance

Black tea ear and eye problems.

Water, soda water exercise..mild ..

Keep food diary.


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