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Are other people having problems with the forum ????

Hi all

I am wondering what has happened to the question numberings.

It appears on some questions that there are minus 1 and 2 and 3 answers on some questions, when in fact there maybe answers or no answers at all.

Also, there appears to be other questions that say 1 answer, when in fact there are several answers.

Then when I come back later all the numbering has changed again, but still isn't right........It is very confusing and doesn't make sense

Also, I am writing up a question and it is not appearing up on the list of questions. I am having to repeat it more than once

Is everyone else getting these problems or is it only me ??



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Both of your questions are appearing on my list Andrea and I think the minus is just a dash? Don't take me as gospel though - just emerged from four days in bed :-(


Ah - I answered too quick! The numbering is all over the place!


Yes I I tried to reply to you but it didn't come I gave up trying for a while.

I reported it to HealthUnlocked Technical Department and I have noticed it is also a problem on the Fibromyalgia Forum. So it is obviously to do with the whole website.

I imagine they will get onto it soon.....I hope as very confusing, especially as I am feally very fatigued today.

Thanks DD



We seem to have been repaired (I'm still keeping everything crossed tho!)


I think you spoke too soon DD

It's all back again but there is a message above in a orange banner from HealthUnlocked to say they are dealing with it :)


I must learn to be patient1 :-)


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