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Liver Function Test obscure results & Possible Colchicine


Hi Everyone

I wonder if anyone has had a obscure Liver Function Test result and can help, I have just spoken to my GP who has advised that two elements of the test are significantly raised:

Serum ALT level Normal range 9 - 55 mine came back at 208

Serum Gamma GT level Normal range 6 - 35 mine came back at 166

The GP is very unsure what to do with me, other than retest me in 2 weeks, and they took me off the Colchicine Trial (prescribed by Rheumatology end Apirl 2017) a week ago because I developed a rash over my body which is still subsiding daily and I had got stomach cramps, sore eyes, strep throat and sore mouth and yet the drug had been great with both sets of ulcers.

Can anyone offer any thoughts of this, had any experience of having something similar happen. I have never anything other than Normal Liver Function tests before, I have copies of all my records here...

Thanks, Gillian

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I have same as you at the moment, although my scores are lower at 82 & 68 although higher 4 weeks earlier. For me my other Bloods creatine kinase was very high 1338 2x which means muscle damage has occurred & they think it's polymyositis (tbc). But there will be other reasons no doubt. I am supposing my kidneys couldn't filter all the ck enzyme so maybe my fatty liver got more congested. Or perhaps some liver inflammation. My gastroenterologist suggested checking me for hep c /autoimmune liver disease/? they had been done previously so gp didn't bother. If it's repeated & fine it could have just been a fleeting virus affecting it x

I had high serum ALT due to hemochromatosis (iron overload), a genetic chromoson disorder. Blood-letting helped, and refraining from high iron foods, no iron supplements. So, don't know if that's any relation to what you have? Dr did a gene test, I did not need a liver biopsy.

Good luck!

gillianTS in reply to ErinAaron

Thanks for getting back to me ErinAaron, rheumatologist just confirmed this morning I've sadly had an allergic reaction to the Colchicine trial I started 2 1/2 months ago. I am awaiting an appointment with Genetics although unsure they will be doing anything with Behcets as they seemed more interested in Elhers Danlos I have too...

Thanks, Gillian

Hi SpiceyandSugar

Thank you for your reply, I hope you get an answer to your higher levels soon and get to feel a little better.

I decided since the GP was not able to provide a definitive answer that I would try and contact my rheumatologist in the hope she would acknowledge and answer my email, this morning I have received confirmation from her that I have had an allergic reaction to Colchicine and the low white blood cells (Neutrophil) the high liver ALT and Gamma GT and the rash all over as well as the sore mouth and throat etc are all because of my reaction to Colchicine, I have to stay off the drug and not have anything else until this is completely out of my system and the rash has gone, I still have mainly the raised lumps in my wrists and arms and skin that feels a little rough on my torso so hoping this will go soon, sadly the ulcers have already started to make a renewed appearance so it looks like I will have to live with them again until I see rheumatology late September :-(

Thanks again, Gillian

Hi. My gamma GT level was very high quite a few years ago. I hadnt been diagnosed with Behcets at that time and I wasn't taking any medication, nor feeling ill. I think it showed up when I was having my cholesterol checked. The GP I saw thought it was very important. ...I think it was over 200. That doctor advised me to stop drinking alcohol. I think she suspected I was drinking a lot of alcohol, she mentioned that it was a sign of liver problems. I had to keep getting it checked every few weeks.

Then I saw a much older doctor. He said it was quite normal for it to fluctuate, especially if one had suffered a sore throat. He said it must have been down to a cold virus or something. I felt very well at the time. I had been doing triathlons. Quite a while later, I read that doing strenuous exercise can give you abnormal liver results.

But, some drugs can effect your liver function, also I believe Behcets can cause inflammation of the liver which will cause abnormal test results.

If you're not feeling too ill at the moment, I wouldn't worry too much.

Mine came down to normal without any intervention. I hope this puts your mind at rest. It's worth just keeping an eye on it just in case.

By the way. I started doing mindfulness about one year ago. I gradually started to get better. I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety disorder. I never knew I had anxiety problems. I wasn't aware that I was a worrier at all. I've been doing a course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy ) and my health continues to improve. My joint pains have gone. I was getting ulcers, but not for a few weeks now. I stopped takin Colchicine a few days ago. Looking back, I do wonder if the anxiety was causing the Behcets to flare up.

Best wishes.

gillianTS in reply to Bethb

Hi Bethb

That all sounds really positive and I was interested in reading about your thoughts on CBT and flares, are you doing the CBT course at home? I have recently been seeing a therapist regarding anxiety and would consider doing more to help myself.

The raised levels in the liver test are a first for me I have copies of all my results and never had a problem, I think I was also alarmed more because the GP was not able to provide any explanation and did not know the liver could be affected, now the rheumatologist has clarified I have had an allergic reaction to colchicine and it has caused all these issues I feel a lot happier, I just want the liver levels to go back to normal and the white blood cells to go back to a better level too so will see what next weeks blood tests come back with.

Thanks for your message, Gillian

Hi Gillingham.

I've been seeing a therapist. She diagnosed me with Chronic Anxiety Syndrome. I was seeing her weekly, she gave me homework to do before seeing her again. Just simple things. I'm at the stage now where she gave me a 10 modue course to work through at home. I was supposed to complete it in 3 weeks but I didn't manage it all. It's all about delaying worrying, improving the way to problem solve etc. It's helped me a lot really.

Having said that, this week I've had some throat ulcers, I was hoping it was just a sore throat, but then I've got them down below now. Anyhow, they're not very sore but I had an appointment this morning. ...I only just made it in time.

Hope your condition stabilises soon.

All the best!

gillianTS in reply to Bethb

Hi Bethb

Thank you for sharing your experience with me it sounds very interesting and certainly worthwhile, I guess the homework is a good way of you learning to manage situations in isolation which is where I tend to lose strength. I truly hope your ulcers are short lived. Good luck with your CBT journey. Thanks, Gillian

Hi Gillian- it is a bit late now as you already have your diagnosis but I had hepatitis almost as soon as I started taking Colchicine. Saying that, I believe it does help a lot of people. Cl

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