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I'm new to this site have originally been on the Thyroid Community-but not a Thyroid Illness- my Consultant is now considering Behcet's

Hello Everyone

I would appreciate any feedback and thoughts on my situation. I have not been well for a while with

Joint pain hip knees ankles and in hands

Continued elevated blood tests ESR & CRP 42 & 62

Two episodes of Cellulitis in 5 months in hospital for a week each time on iv Anti biotics

The last couple of months awful bouts of mouth ulcers that lasted a couple of weeks

Sore down below

EXtreme fatigue!!!

Tummy pain some time so bad can't bend to the washing machine and dishwasher.

I feel like a right Moaning Minnie

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I'm sorry you are having a hard time and hope you get a diagnosis soon. Being ill with these kind of symptoms can be really scary, and getting a daignosis can take a very long time.

Given the inflammatory markers together with the symptoms, It certainly sounds like some kind of inflammatory autoimmune condition.


Here is a link to our Factsheets on Behcet's: Hope this helps and best of luck with getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. all the best.


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