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Thank you

I've spent the past 6 years feeling so alone. It's hard having a condition that is not only rare, but in my case, embarrassing to talk about. I'm on week 3+ of the worst flare up so far. Being able to see other people talking about this condition, even the parts that haven't affected me yet, helps more than I realized. It's comforting at the end of yet another miserable day to be able to see others with hope and "normal" lives. Thank you

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Hiya you are so right 🙂 It helps immensely reading the experiences of others and knowing you are not alone with this any more . I totally get the embarrassment thing especially trying to explain why I'm off work yet again to an employer who really thinks it's a fuss about nothing !!! I've had bechets since 1994 but only diagnosed this year so for many years was dealing with these hideous symptoms without any acknowledgement that they were all linked . Thank god for dr Google and finding this site 😀 Take care and look after yourself


You are welcome. The society also has help lines and arranges days out for sufferers and or cares meet and exchange info and have a good time. Just go to the top of this page and click on the Behcets Society you will find lots of advice, news on research and much more.

If ever you want or need to chat, no need to be embarrassed you can send a private message. I've suffered with Behcets for over 32 years and I have suffered most of the symptoms and tried many medications, and lost my shyness many years lol.

Take care



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