Inner quakes

Hi all,

Not sure where to turn so hope someone can help? Even my GP is scratching his head with this...

I have diagnosed Behcets, Addisons, Dercums and IBS but have developed two worrying symptoms: I have a feeling of inner shaking in my legs which sometimes goes up to my back (feeling like you are standing on shaking ground) I am not visibly shaking, the floor also moves. Sometimes I have one or the other and sometimes both. This has happening everyday and seems to be getting worse. I have ruled out Deficiency in D and Iron. It is not low BP and they happen whether I am sitting, standing or laying in bed. There is no pattern to these. Has anyone come across these problems? I would be ever so grateful if someone can help me.

Thank you


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  • Yes I get these mostly when I'm really overtired and not too well. I've sufferred with Behcets for over 30 years and these feelings have only occurred in the last 10/12 years. I haven't mentioned this to my doctors as I honestly thought it was just tiredness. Sorry can't be more helpful but if you are worried at all you should get it checked out.

  • Thanks I'm not alone it was hard to explain but feel a little better now knowing someone has had this feeling. I am waiting to see a neurologist if he gives it a name I will let you know.

  • Yes please do.

  • Check into lyme disease and Co infections. Use the igenex test

  • Good luck with your next appointment and let us know how you get on. Warm wishes.

  • I call it an internal tremor. I get it off an on. Sometimes it gets worse and I do actually sake on the outside. The neuro said it was indicative of pathology but did not saw what.

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