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Gastro without ulcers

Do any of you have gastrointestinal symptoms with no changes actually in your intestines? Doctor says I have IBS on top of behcets but IBS is not a real disease. I also have multiple fistulas which are not normal I'm only nineteen and it comes and goes at the same time my other behcets symptoms come so I know it's the behcets. Anyone have this too with no changes docs can see?

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I have had IBS-C for years and was diagnosed with Behcet's a year ago. I not sure if they are related. I take Colchicine for Behcet's and Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia. The Cymbalta causes more constipation, but I stay on it because it helps my Fibromyalgia so much.


I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and behcets more recently but my symptoms coincide with flares too. I have had a camera test both up and down and nothing can be found.


Me too! No ulcers on last investigations but sporadic reflux like symptoms (lump in throat feeling, swelling in upper torso plus an external anal fissure (joy!) which keeps opening up. Just about to have 2nd gastroscopy/colonoscopy in 3 yrs. suspect it will be clear!


I have had Behcet's for over 30 years and have intermittently IBS symptoms. I take a actimel every day and this really does help. Also keep a diary of things that I can eat and can't as I have found that the older I get things also change a lot quicker. I am now quite intolerant of milk, coffee and various other things so I just change my diet as and when. All the best


Pale small stools?


Yes and it turns out i was sucrose intolerant. removed it from my diet and wow. took me over 10 years to figure that out. start a food journal. start looking at ingredients and find a common denominator for what's safe and what's not.

like literally a bite of something with sugar will have me screwed up for hours and cause ulcers within a few hours.

try this digestive enzyme in the mean time off amazon. nexazyme 18. take one with water with first bite of food. bout 10-15 mins in. eat another one. finish meal within the next 10-15 mins.



I'm on Zenpep enzymes

Low lectin diet

Alcohol and chocolate cause major issues

I have not tried no sugar yet. Ty

It's a struggle to not get to thin. Nothing absorbs well


I also have gastro symptoms without proven ulcers. Random biopsies do show chronic inflamation. My symptoms only improved after a year of Remicade.


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