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Bechets syndrome

Happy new year everyone. I ain't been on here much because I have been struggling . I have now been put on azathioprine 100mg a day and prensilone (sorry for spelling) . My flares up are getting bad I have really bad pains in my big joints mouth ulcers quiet a few and ulcer on tounge. My eye has come up swollen and got a big ulcer on swelling. I am awaiting my appointment to go and see a professer in liverpool. I am here if anyone needs information or any questions because we I have ben threw it.


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Hi, I was diagnosed with Behcets, finally, after 15 years of symptoms, mainly migraines and ulcers. I have lost partial sight in on eye because of inflammation. I was put on a large dose of prednisolone, then Azathioprine along side. Reducing the pred slowly now, on 150mg Aza. Wonder drug, that is all I can say. No ulcers, headaches etc. Started taking in June last year , six months in I have had no headaches ,ulcers etc. Just a thought, I found that anti inflammatory meds for headaches etc gave me cronic ulcers. Stopped taking those a few years back and it did reduce the number and severity of ulcers. Good luck, keep us posted.


Happy New Year Pete11. Have you got an appointment with Liverpool? If it isn't soon, you may need to visit an eye A&E. Good luck and hope you can see someone quickly.

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Hi UKADMIN. I am still awaiting the appointment to see professor R Moots on Liverpool. My eye has started to heal up and swelling has subsided a little bit. I still have the mouth ulcers tounge has some ulcers. I am finding it so difficult to brush my teeth with being in really bad pain. If anyone could help with things to do use to make it bearerble to

Brush my teeth I would much appreciate it. My toes are being affected now big toe has really bad pain when I move it and has swelled and warm to touch. Really sore.




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