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Does anyone else suffer with really bad right sided abdominal pain?

Following a flare I just can't seem to shrug it off. Have been on Azathiprine for about 3 weeks and still suffering. (I know Aza can take anything up to 6-8 weeks to take full effect)

Have been suffering with bad headaches, joint pain, nausea and sickness and now right sided abdominal pain that feels worse than being in labour. It is so bad about and hour after eating that all I can do is stay in a bareable position until the worst passes. Am taking Tramadol and codeine which isn't helping much. Stools have been like water too. Good news is I am mouth ulcer free.

I have had ulcers in my terminal illium before which have been picked up on colonoscopy and scans, so am thinking this might be the case now.

It is like one thing after another.

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I was put on Aza and I also suffered really bad sickness with the drug. I had awful stomach cramps and my Consultant had to take me off it. Have you had it before because this could be a reaction to the drug?

Just a thought!



Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was on Aza for a while back when I got wrongly diagnosed with crohn's and didn't have any problems with it. Ulcers were found in my illium at that time too, so am worried that this is the case now. Don't want to have to go through having another colonoscopy. Hopefully the Aza will kick in soon and all will be ok.


Hi, have you had your gallbladder checked as its right sided pain (often radiates) which comes on after eating and some find it worse than labour pains. Not a behcets thing that I know of but v.common in people and really horrible, I hope ou feel better soon


Hiya my husband has just spent 2days in hospital with severe right sided stomach pain ct scan showed nothing so now he has to have a colonoscopy he has been on Humira for 1year but they have told him too stop taking Humira to see if that's the cause of the pain or something isn't being very nice to us at the moment waiting for a date for the tribunal court as the lovely people at the DWP say my husband will be fit for work in 18 months time would value any bodies experiences with the DWP if they would like to share them many thanks x


I have had this same problem for 3 years this month alone today's the 18th day straight and pain releavers are not helping. Then just recently my right nostrel gushed blood for 15 minutes and pain lowered instantly . I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow something's wrong


Yes, I get bad pain on right that I actually feel better if I support it by tying a cloth around my stomach and do it daily. Doctor thinks its ulcers and the ulcer medication has helped very much but it was so bad that it took six weeks of taking the medication to feel no pain but discomfort is still present. We BD people can get ulcers from mouth to bum and everywhere in between. Hope you feel better soon


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