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Bug bites Triggered my bechets

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Hi, I am 40 years old I’ve been thinking about when all this started for me which was around 10 years ago... I am a Golf course manager Greenkeeper and I remember in the summer of 2011-12 it was hot summer and I vividly remember I kept getting bitten on the fore arms by cleggs or horse flys, it was relentless they just kept coming for me and even when others were around me they kept coming for me it was ever since then that my Bechets seemed to develop, my fore arms just kept coming out in big pussy spots right through that winter long after the cleggs had gone, needless to say my symptoms also developed into Ulcers and body flare ups... the reason I’m posting this is the current hot summer has brought the cleggs back again and I have again been bitten continuously and my body flare ups are out of control!!!

I honestly think these clegg bites triggered a response in my immune system a decade ago and has been out of control ever since, and now seeing the reaction I’m getting to the new bites has me convinced this was my primary trigger.

Anyone that has any thought on this please share.

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In 2009 my Behçet’s had been in remission for 5 years, when I visited the Isle of Skye and was subjected to a week of constant midge bites. They swelled and itched like crazy, and there was literally no escaping from them. There were other stresses in my life at the time - our house flooded, my teenage daughter was going through a wayward phase and my employers kept increasing my workload - together, these instigated the worst flare I have ever had, which lasted for months.

Perhaps you could consider reducing any other stresses and commitments in your life as far as you can while recovering from the clegg bites?

Good luck!

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Hampo81 in reply to Jaxxi

Nice one thanks for the reply, all the best👍

Hi Hampo81 how strange that you link your Behcets to bug bites. My Behcets too started as a result of some serious Blandford fly bites. They ulcerated on my leg & I was eventually put on constant antibiotics to try & get them to heal. It took 2 years to get them to eventually go. I too have sores all over my arms that get worse every summer if I go out in bright daylight. My consultant confirmed that those initial bites plus the incredible stress I was under at the time was what triggered the Behcets & auto-immune disorder in me.

I do hope the little suckers give you a break & stop feeding from you. It's so difficult to try & prevent bug bites isn't it. Whatever feasts on me now causes a severe reaction. I've been advised to use insect repellent with a very high Deet content all year round. Take care & all the best for the future.

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Hampo81 in reply to Lorrie

Thanks Lorrie, I’m totally convinced this is what triggered my bechets and continues to to do so. Im wonder if there has been any professional research into similar bug bites triggering autoimmune disorders.???

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Lorrie in reply to Hampo81

It does sound like some research needs to be carried out. Although I'm sorry to learn of others suffering from the insect bites being triggers I'm also very relieved to know I'm not the only person who linking bug bites to this awful disease & it's flare ups. When I try & explain it to friends I'm sure they were thinking I was talking rubbish. Stay safe & take care. X

so strange mine started on that hot fly biting year also ...I remember it well because I suddenly developed blisters on my hands & I was a massage therapist....Had to retire early but I wonder if it was from that! Hasn't happened since . I have an IV every 6 weeks ...no gluten , no dairy...none or I get a flare.

I think it's really weird how BD can come on. Mine was triggered with a really bad case of hand foot mouth. I got the virus then BD was right behind it.

When I go outside, I feel like I'm a full course buffet for any flying bugs. I live in Arkansas, our state bird is the mosquito if that says anything. Lol

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