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Question for the LADIES. (Labia)

Hello for everyone,

Im new here and im so glat to found this site. Im 22 y old Female from Hungary, my doctors diagnose BD when i was 13 and that diagnose was felief....after 3 bitter years when nobody knows what is my problem. My first throat problem came out when i was 3 years old. After years they diagnose that wrong way my throat things and when i was 10 years old came out my first vaginal ulcers.

But i post here now for advice or experience mostly from the ladies. Because my defining BD symptom is vaginal ulcer. And thats why is my labia is totaly make hard my weekdays its an perforated labia what is happend because of the deep ulcers. I want to solve this problem with laid plastic surgerry.

But when after my last ulcers can they do the surgerry because of the inflammation. And after that it the surgery i fear of it can just generate more ulcers and the area cant recovery. rarery because of the scour there... after one day can came out new little not deep ulcers.

So anybody had a laid renovate surgery??

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No can't say I've ever heard of this. You don't say which medicines you are taking for the BD.. Most of us take colchicine especially good with any ulcers. Does have side effects like most of the meds we take. Some tips for you are......only dab the area with a soft cloth, no soap just warm water, same when you go to the toilet, don't rub, pat gently. Only wear loose cotton underwear and no tight jeans or other trousers. Ask your doctor for a CLENIL inhaler usually used for asthmatics. Puff onto the area up to 5 times daily, gradually reducing as things improve. Also try not to wear any underwear or pyjamas when you sleep. Hope some of this helps you.

Take care



No. I have not. I am sorry that you have these so often. There has got to be a different medicine or something else that you could try. I am having some luck with azathioprine.


Hi, I am Cindy, and new here too.

I don't know about the surgery... But what about after? How many times can it be repeated?

Dr. Yazici, IS the "GOD of Behcets", at New York hospital here in the U.S. His name is on over 300 studies, etc. Yesterday I saw he and his son are doing a study about the Nicotine Patch for ulcers. There IS a connection between Nicotine and Ulcers!

I found one study about it years ago, now there are many. When Behcets people quit smoking - the ulcers go crazy!! I am allergic to the patch. I have lung problems - so smoking any thing is out. I chose "Chewing tobacco". Only a small pinch. It is not a great choice. Everyone needs to talk to their doctors and make their own choice. It was the best choice for me.

Also, I saw to use "Inhalers", that have cortisone, directly ON the ulcers twice a day, (Vaginal or Oral). They heal MUCH faster, with less pain.

I also saw to save toilet paper cardboard rolls. Kind of squish one end to fit over where the urine comes from - then urinate through them. It keeps the urine OFF the ulcers for less pain. Many women get kidney/bladder infections from holding their urine because of ulcer pain.

There is also, "Lidoderm gel", by prescription here in the U.S., to numb both oral and vaginal ulcers. Dab it on with a cotton swab. That is the only way I could even swallow water, with 6 oral ulcers the size of American Quarters.

I wish you health and a successful surgery.

I am sorry I don't have info about the surgery you asked about. But maybe this info could prevent more after your surgery and make life less painful and maybe even prevent more surgeries in the future.

Dr. Yazici does consult with doctors. You can find his web address for your doc for more and better treatment if your doc is like mine - clueless.

I suggest you find out about Nicotine Patches and print it, so your doc does not think you are crazy because it sounds so insane.


Central California, U.S.A.

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