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I have barely slept in over 5 weeks and completely losing my memory please help, really desperate !!!!

Over 5 weeks ago I had a panic attack, ever since then I have pretty much completely lost the ability to sleep, my head is so numb and I feel high pressure and tension in my head all the time, feels like my head is swelling from no sleep my memory is so bad now like I mean really bad and it keeps getting worse and worse Iv'e done a lot of research on sleep and apparently it's necessary for the brain to repair, I just feel like an empty vesile now, nothing works sleeping tablets, anxiety tablets, you name it Iv'e been prescribed and tried it all, doctors just tell me it's anxiety making me think I'm loosing my memory but I just know their is something wrong I am just never tired, to be honest I don't know how I'm alive still, I have almost completely lost the ability to imaginative, and I am almost certain if they did a CT scan on my brain it would show extensive brain damage, I know most of you probably won't believe me, I'm at my witts end now I can't concentrate on even the most basic tasks now, another thing is I feel like my immune system has been affected, for example I have crazed my arm twice since the not sleeping started and both the grazes have turned to scars, I know this is not normal especially for me, please help me if you can, I'm really desperate now, and not sure how much longer I can go on like this, please help, thanks a lot

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Hi and believe me I know how you feel.. You don't say if you are a Behcets patient though. If so, have you seen a neurologist, what about scans? It could be part of the disease or something totally different as it was in my case. You need to act now to get the right diagnosis and treatment. We are not specialists just patients sharing information. Please do get medical help and take it from there,

I wish you well


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I have pretty bad insomnia too, went through a couple bouts similar (although maybe not as bad) to this, I felt pretty brain damaged at the time but felt normal again after I got back to sleeping normal-ish for about week. No permanent mental impairment if that makes you feel any better.


I agree with Bill seek more help immediately. Have you tried Marijuana. Not sure where you are at and legalities but it helps me always. I suffer anxiety and panic attacks they have been much less since I have been in counseling. Meditation has helped me also. I wish you the best


i agree with meditation!


Hi; been battling this stuff for 20 years - weirdness just keeps happening and then disappearing thank heavens. In the process just now of being diagnosed for what Internal Med. Dr. said is Vasculitis - and I can see it's got to be Behcet's Vasculitis by the criteria I list I've found on the net. The Japanese have a lot of Behcet's & have a criteria list that gives a score as to severity of Behcet's if you have it.

I've been suffering insomnia for about 5 weeks among other symptoms: major memory problems (keep loosing words/names of things/memories and it's getting worse - today was actually the worse ever - lost words every 10 minutes!) headache, major sore sinuses, sore eyes (& lots of other eye symptoms - be very careful with eye symptoms - see an ophthalmologist a.s.a.p.), sore throat, blood blisters inside mouth, canker sores inside lip, sores in nose, nose bleeds, bowel problems, swelling ankles, swollen lymph glands, itchy red sores on skin for 3 years and more.....

Now on Prednisone which also has side effects of insomnia also but at this point I'll try anything. So found if I take the Prednisone as early as possible 8am and then take 7.5 Zopiclone at 7pm I can get about 2 hrs sleep, then I take half a 7.5 Zopiclone and get 1 1/2hrs, then I do it again and again until 8am. It's the best I've come up with until this whole EPISODE blows over - and listen to me - IT IS AN "EPISODE" and IT WILL END. I feel like I've been through mini hells and back over the last 20 years & just read some where that after 20 years the symptoms back off. Here's hoping so. Have you been diagnosed with BD?

Go to:

Look up: Neurologic involvement in BD


I agree wuthering managing the med schedule according to sleep needs. Prednisone SUCKS! I am SO sensitive to even the smallest dose. I must take it at 7a.m. latest if I am to sleep at all!


It is anxiety related for sure. You sound like me- once the pharmaceuticals stopped working- I had to turn to homeopathic things.

Try meditation. What I do is:

Sit in a quiet, dim room, indian style. hands on knees.

close your eyes. You will breathe in through the nose slow and controlled with a slight hold at the end, out through the mouth slow and controlled.

In your mind you will need to visualize and focus on the idea of "good." Imagine fluffy, puffy soft cloud like smoke inhaling into your body as you breathe through the nose. This can be any color you like. For me, its a really nice blue. This is "the good." When you are exhaling from your mouth, visualize black, dark seedy breaths. This is "the bad."

Breathe in "the good" until the good starts exhaling out of your mouth visually.

Youre essentially visually filling yourself up with all "the good" until all "the bad" is out.

I hope this is helpful. (not everyone realizes exactly how to meditate as this is just my technique)

Also, exercise is good for getting out the stress. Even just laying in a sunny spot focusing on positive things can help too.

Oh lastly, a good movie or tv show to distract the mind also works.

Good luck!

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