sooo much pain

I have a week from hell, my left leg has been swollen all week, no blood clot thank god, but I think I am having a major flare up and at present my knee is in absolute agony.

has any one had issues with their knees, as this is the worst pain and I really can't take it!!!

It is just under the knee, top of the shin, feels like a hot searing heat, sooo much pain!!!

Please help.

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  • Get in touch with your Consultant or get your GP to phone them for advice. If it's a flare then you need stronger meds than colchicine to get things under control again. Painkillers may help the symptoms but won't get to the underlying cause.

  • Going to see the GP in about an hour, in my experience the GP is often out of their depth with stuff like this. Will get them to liaise with my consultant if required, as I can't take much more of this, and nor can the wife!

  • If it's a Behcets flare then the GP won't be equipped to deal with it, you need to push for them to contact your specialist. Did the hospital not get in touch with your Consultant when they were trying to rule out a DVT? Did they check your D Dimer blood test? It might be worthwhile asking for your inflamatory markers to be checked ( CRP and ESR ).

  • Turmeric is anti inflammation..can be added to food or a teaspoonful in hot water..bit of cold water. And glug. down not scrummy but better than pain..see if it works for you.

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