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Is it possible that I have this?

I have been having some symptoms lately and I don't know what it is. After doing some research I think this illness fits. I have swelling in feet. Numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Dry skin and sometimes a red rash. Some mild shortness of breath. I have had some bad ulcers in my mouth that took a month to heal. My eyes are always really red when I first wake up and go to bed, and sometimes sore as well. I have some abdominal pain.

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Also, I am 33 years old.


You should go see a rheumatologist and get a diagnosis. Hopefully ypu do not have it!


Unfortunately no one here can advise you as to whether you have it or not. Have you had a look around the Society's website? There is lots of info there which might help you on your road to diagnosis. As m82girlygirl said, a rheumotolgist could diagnose you but do some research as not all rheumys have enough experience or knowledge to do this. Some patients have been misdiagnosed or had to wait for a very long time, years even, to get a correct diagnosis for want of seeing the right professional. If you are in the UK there are Centres of Excellence who could make a diagnosis but you may not need to take this step yet. In my personal opinion, which is not a medical one, your symptoms are a bit vague other than the ulcers, which can be associated with other conditions. Eye involvement in BD is very important and should be checked out asap so if you do suspect this could be the case then please ask for a referral as soon as you can - or you can get yourself an optician's appointment and ask for their opinion in the meantime. Good luck


Dry skin on my, hands was one of the first symptoms I noticed.

While trying to get a diagnosis keep a food diary.

Find a basic meal which causes you no reactions for a few days.

Rice boiled veg fish or meat..

I used to eat all the foods which my body reacted to to try to convince my doctor but gave that up as being bad for my health...

Then introduce one new food at a time.

Coffee tea and booze..unfortunately not always helpful..

Best of's a journey..

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