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Article on genital ulcer severity and quality of life (2015)

I just came across this article link today and wanted to share it (Farida Fortune is one of the authors):

ARTICLE: "Genital ulcer severity score and genital health quality of life in Behcet's disease" (Sept 2015). The full article is here:

Joanne Z.

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Thanks for the info my son is 26 diagnosed at 17 we are in the United states. He has genital ulcers right now and takes Famvir as a preventative. Three doctors have diagnosed them as shingles. It sucks. This hasn't happened in a couple of years till now. He is constantly in an active flare. Qol is not good at all. I really don't no how he does it. He had cml leukemia at 12 had bone marrow transplant cancer free 10 years but gas been sick with beets 10 years. Steroids make him worse can't tolerate cholochine and can't take a lot of mess because of past cancer cause of possible reoccurring of cancer. Took ivig for two years and was mouth ulcer free for two months thought this was our magic bullet even with terrible side effects. No differenDE with ivig or not now. He is sick of going to doctors cause nothing seems to help


Thank you for posting. I am going to make sure this is on our website. Best wishes.

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