Reaction to blood test/plaster

Reaction to blood test/plaster

Hi all ! I had a routine blood test today to check my bloods. Was diagnosed with Betchets about 8 months ago. Had a 3 month course of prednisone and now pretty well controlled with colchicine and doxycycline and regular anti-inflammatories. Still have a lot of issues with sensitive skin and fasciulitis but today I had a blood test and this is the result - never had a reaction at the needle site before or such a bad reaction to just ripping off a plaster.....! Anyone else had anything like this???

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  • I am a phlebotomist and I have seen this many times with myself and the elderly. Not saying you are old by any means. To me this looks like it is a reaction to the adhesive on the bandage and the redness to the needle mark is quite common because you are putting a foreign object in your skin. The redness is you bodies way of declaring it is not happy with what happen. I can not tell from this picture but it is probably a little inflamed as well. I know with my Behcet's whenever my body is scraped or pricked or poked like in this circumstance, it is always inflamed and red for a couple days. If the site gets warm or hurts, please go to your doctor so they can look at it. You do not want it to get infected.

  • I'm only 47 and have had hundreds of blood tests over the years and never had a reaction to the needle like that one - didn't even hurt when it went it but did bleed a bit more than usual when it came out....... No sign of any infection - just more like wee haematoma's under the skin. Thanks

  • Yes! I get this! The skin breaks for me sometimes too.

    Never used to when I was first diagnosed, but started a few months ago. Was a nightmare when I had a hickman line in because the plasters were a permanent fixture.

    I think our immune systems see a foriegn body and just go over the top, in for the kill lol

  • Yes, I usually get quite a bad reaction at the needle site, sometimes an ulcer develops.

    It maybe a little unusual that this has only just happened to you, maybe it is the beginning of a flare. Hope not.

    I put hydrocortisone cream on mine & it heals in time for the next test.


  • Plaster as

    In band aid. If you mean band aid I always have had reactions to it. Tell the person next time who takes your blood what happens and hopefully they will try another type of tape.

  • Hi I have found I am now allergic to plasters and steri strips, with same kind of reaction.

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