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Low fever

Hey gang, I've had a problem that keeps me wondering. About 2-3 times a year I get a low fever and night sweats that last 1-3 weeks then vanishes. My doctors have tried many things but never seem to come up with a fix for it. Does anyone else have this problem? I almost wonder if it is my Behcet's. The main reason being is during this "illness" I can take low doses of prednisone and it will vanish overnight. 

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This is. Dry common and typical with BD.  Two thoughts could be you are fighting off a flare or your body telling you to slow down. None of my docs know exactly why.


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Totally agree with Billi. I had night sweats something fierce for several years.  I had no fix.. It ran its course, and finally disappeared (mostly). I get them rarely now and to a much much lesser degree. 

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I used to get night sweats when I had pericarditis.  Therefore I got worried every time I started having night sweats, thinking I had a flare coming on that would include pericarditis. 

Then I reached menopause and started having hot flushes. 

So now I don't know what is what.....


Thanks for the info. It helps that I am not alone. I think I can link these cases with a degree of stress. So as always I need to make sure my life has less of it. I'm an over accomplisher so I can put myself in some stressful situations if I'm not careful. I try to meditate daily which has helped a lot.  


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