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unfortanatly I have not been free of ulcers both mouth and vaginal areas since I was a child I am now in my 50s the only thing I find that helps it white lose fitting under ware and loose fitting light colored stretch pants or no under ware and a gown for some days also I do several cool Epsom salt and lavender drops sits baths per week when in a flare I have a prescription cortisone paste I use oraly and on vag sores it stings a bit but the sting is nothing compared to the other pain I also was tested for herpes as well as my husband both are neg I find that when I eat a food I am sensitive too I get mouth pain and sores and to much sugar brings vag sores and yeast I have had bacterial infections for life I stoped taking antibiotics three years ago as they made thing far worse I now only use herbs and supplements I feel so much better it ight be worth looking on line under SIBO small intestinal bacteria overgrowth after I did this test and the supplements for six months I have a lot less symptoms and less stomach and yeast problems worth the test good luck

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