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Fatigue and Work


Hello everyone.

I'm thinking that I might have to resign from work due to constant fatigue and aching bones. I've been on part time hours and light duties for nearly 2 years and still struggling. Despite lots of medications including infliximab infusions I still suffer from lots of on-going symptoms, I just cannot break free from it.

I'm thinking about just resigning and sorting money out later, maybe asking to take 12 months off (unpaid leave) to see if I can get on top of the illness or trying to see if I'd be able to seek any sickness benefit - I don't get sick pay from my employee.

I just cannot continue in the state I'm in. Has anyone got any advise?



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Hi Bev,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low hun but before you do anything like resigning from work you need to get some solid advice regarding benefits. If you attend one of the BD clinics then there is someone there to advise you as to the best way to approach things. If not, please contact someone in the Citizens Advice Bureau who will also be able to help you and advise you which way to go.

I used to work in HR and Payroll some years ago but i am by no means up to date to help you correctly but it sounds as if your employer is working with you to help you out by giving you light duties etc... It may be worth having a chat with them as well to ascertain what they can help you with regarding long term sick facilities.

It may be that they will advise you to go off on SSP with the backing of your doctor and then you will have a better idea of what to do from there if you have some breathing space to work with ?

Whatever you decide to do, i dont think resigning from work is the right way to go as sickness pay from the government kicks in after the set period of weeks and that then leads to the next benefit in the line (ESA ??) and it is at that point you will need to qualify using their points system but there is a set established route that needs to be adhered to to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to.

Sorry i cant be more specific but i am no longer qualified and i wouldnt give individual advice for benefits anyway which is much safer gained from the sources i have pointed out okay ?

Take care and i hope you get things sorted out soon,

Big hugs,


xandii in reply to xandii

Sorry Bethb ! Didnt have my glasses on ! Lol


don5766 in reply to xandii

Hi Bev

Sorry to see your going through the mill, I can sympathise with you only difference is I am getting no support through my work so at least you are so if possible try and see what else they can do for you. I work for NHS and they are making my work life so difficult and not entertaining me doing light duties and like you infliximab and lots of medications.. So I would take advice of last reply and hope all goes well for you Hun, and good luck x

Bethb in reply to don5766

You should be getting lots of support through work.

A friend advised me ages ago to join a union but I never did. I wish I had joined up now, as I could just do with a bit of extra support.

Is there a union that you might be able to join...I think it would be worth looking into it although I think you have to be a member for a few weeks before gaining access to legal advice.

Good luck !


Thank you for your replies 😀

Don, I'm sorry to hear that you are not getting the help you need in work. My manager referred me to the Occupational Health department following a 6 week absence from work. My manager has to take the advice from the occupational health doctor. This doctor says that employees with Behcets and similar health problems should be treated as employees with disabilities and the employee has to make adjustments to accommodate them.

Good luck, rest up and stay strong


xandii in reply to Bethb

So does his mean you should be claiming PIP to help you continue working?

Mm mm, Interesting. I might be eligible for this as I'm single and live in a rented one bedroom flat in London. I've been struggling with working 3 days a week -- taking a significant drop in my income. I can't manage 3 days, but anything less, then I would really struggle financially.

I've had a quick look on the Internet and there is a phone number to call for advise. I'm going to contact them. I'm going for my infliximab infusion soon, hopefully I'll see my specialist and I'll speak to him about the fatigue, other symptoms and working or not working.

Thank you for this. I think it would be a good place to start.


Hi Bev,

I had 5 weeks off work with illness and was made to go to an OH appointment. I was scared about this but it actually helped me because they said I am covered under the disability act and that work need to make reasonable adjustments to help me to return to work. I would definitely go to your HR department and ask what their sickness policy is (this should be on your contract?) and ask to have some support. They should send you to OH to help you.

Good luck,

Kezzle :)

Bethb in reply to kezzle


Thank you for this.

Yes it was occupational health who helped with reducing my hours. They gave quite a lot of advice to my manager... not all of it was followed up.

At the moment, I know it sounds silly, but I'm very weak. I seem to have lost all my strength and I struggle to open doors and filing cabinet drawers.

I'm on sick for a further 4 weeks but I have loads of medical appointments to attend but things should quieten down after that so I should hopefully find the energy to persue what options I might have.


I can't comment on financial help but yes, a breathing space was useful for me, gave me perspective.

i commend you for being able to work as long as you have. my son (23 years old) has not been able to go to work or college. he is just to sick, or in too much pain etc. trying to get disability (which is not enough for him to live on becuase he never worked as he survied having cancer and bone marrow transplant and survived but behcets is continuing to try to kick his but. he has his court date after two years of first applying coming up on 3-28. you may not have that wait as my brother n law got it immediately as soon as he applied for whatever is wrong with him. ours is different because he has never worked. apply as soon as you can and i dont know what people do that dont have someone help them financially. We are in the united states so it is different here

Bethb in reply to duke22

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your son. Life is just so unfair sometimes.

I'm currently on sick leave but I don't know what I'll be paid, but at least I'll get the statutory sick pay and I will have a bit of time to research the best options.

Good luck with your son's application.

I'm currently off work on sick leave and I'm following the advice of a top employment solicitor :-)      Expensive though but all my friends advised this. 

Roses-are-blue in reply to Bethb

Hi, could I have a name of your solicitor please. I need an employment long term sickness advise. Many thanks

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