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Work and chronic fatigue

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Has anyone found it a struggle to work full time with fatigue?

I currently am full time and my work are looking to do a staggered return to work for me.

I’m thinking part time might be easier.

Any advice?


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Hi Kirsty.

What type of job do you do; and are you in the UK? I work full time as a data administrator and was struggling. My employers arranged an occupational health assessment for me and advised me to contact access to work. I had both assessments and was given loads of equipment to make my job easier. My employer also arranged for me to have remote access to the system so that I can work from home on days I am particularly struggling. This has reduced the amount of sick leave i have and has meant I can carry on full time. I still sometimes feel that part time would be better but can't afford it at the moment. I try to avoid phased returns as this would also reduce my pay which I can't afford. If adaptations wouldn't be available for your type of work and you can afford to go part time I'd say go for it.

Best wishes


Hi, I can’t really afford part time as it would be for a full year where as I could afford a phrased return to Work. I work as a customer service advisor so working from home isn’t currently possible. I’m I. The UK i haven’t heard of access to Work. But I am having another occ health as soon as my manager has sorted his questions out that he has for them.

The company I work for haven’t exactly been supportive and they are not allowing me to drive to work until occ health confirm I need to despite having a letter from the coordinator at Birmingham’s COE



Access to Work are a government department who will assess your needs and ask your employer to make reasonable adjustments e.g. paying for a taxi for you to get to work. The government contributed the majority of the money towards the adjustments but asks the employer to make a contribution dependent on the size of the company. If the employer refuses to make the adjustments I believe they can be held liable under the disability discrimination act which BD falls under.

Yes, it is hard to continue ful time. You could ask for an occuptional health referral through work & then discuss reasonable adjustments to your work, as chronic fatigue is covered under the Disabilty act assuming it has persisted over a year. Good luck.

ps. The acas website is a good place to start for advice.

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Hi there, have you had a copy of our Booklet on Behcet's for Employers. Good luck with your return to work. A lot of people do find that part time works best for them, but everyone is individual, so work with your employers to find the best thing for you and your health and circumstances. email if you need anything from us

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