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Behcets flare and snoring?

Hi, I have had Behcets for 20+ year's. Woke up today with dry, painful eyes, raised blood vessels in feet, lower legs, stiff ankles and sore hips aka the usual and neuropathic pain thats through the roof. I was wondering if anyone else (or partners) have noticed an increase or we start snoring ahead of a flare. My hubby reckons this is how he knows I'm about to kick off again along with a "strange chemically" smell and ketosis. Has anyone else noticed anything similar - for example I can start to become hyper sent to smells.

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My daghter noticed me snoring loudly a fee years back. As i am a widow i would never have known. She also said that she noticrd a funny smell but i took no notice. I also have a sensetive nose to smells. Could this be anouther symptom of Mr B who knows.

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One of my body's tell tell signs is me drooling in my sleep. It has a very funny odor. Actually that's when I know the flare up is about to be bad.


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