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What is the views on behcets being hereditary??

I know that BD comes from the 'silk road' but as far as im aware I have no family from that part of the world...I have noticed that my 5 year old son (6 tomorrow) has the coldsore virus.. mouth ulcers, and although he has eczema, I would swear he had DB 'spots' or lumps on his wee legs...

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed similar characteristics in their children??

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As far as I know there is no proof that it is hereditary, but there are certainly people who have more than one member of their family with it - mine being one of them. My sister has it, but we don't have exactly the same symptoms or severity.

My son used to get ulcers, skin problems, joint problems and then some scarring was found on his retina. He was admitted to hospital for hip pain when he was 7. He was tested and examined thoroughly, we were asked many questions and volunteered as much info as we could think of. Bit by bit explanations were found for his various symptoms and BD seemed unlikely.

He had a few rashes and ulcers over the years, but no more than anyone else. Other than that he was fit and healthy, happy and active. Ironically, at 19 years old he developed a kidney problem that was hereditary from the paternal side of the family and something that had never occurred to any of us! However - that was sorted out and he soon went back to his fit and healthy life.

Looking back, it was inevitable that we would think he might have BD and no surprise that we made his symptoms 'fit.' But he didn't have it and we have no reason to think he will.

I would suggest you keep an eye on things, but try and keep them in perspective and try not to pass your worries and fears on to him, as he will pick them up whether you voice them or not.

Take that from someone who thought she was doing a great job until she found out how much her concerns (which I would go so far as to say over the top worrying) affected others.


My daughter who has BD and her father is a Cypriott with a mild form, we were refered with her to the St Barts clinic of exellance a few weeks back and was told there that they have found that people with BD usually have either Irish or Scotish blood in them when they have the disease, but we dont, its only my husband who is Greek, so i dont really think they know enough about it at the moment. x


My mum has Lupus and I have BD. Not the same Autoimmune but similar and makes you wonder. My 24 year old sister used to get big mouth ulcers, joint pain and hypersensitivity but so far is fit and healthy. We're all praying it doesn't amount to anything.


We just got genetic testing for my d. looking for explanation for various inflammation problems starting - gut, eyes, skin, intracranial hypertension - and the markers are 'positive for extended haplotype for Behcet's' so that's why I'm here. Still reading the research but maybe these genotypes suggest we 'could' rather than 'will' develop conditions depending on events - virus, bacteria, stress.

However, my friend has bad Ehlers-Danos Syndrome where her sister, aunt and mother have milder manifestations.

Interestingly, when some Asian people move to the US they lose the family preponderance to getting Behcet's so infection could be a factor since it might be an autoinflammatory response.


I have noticed  that my son 7 years old has suffered with cold sores in his mouth  and lot and took him to the dr.they said it's not related  to what I have but I feel responsible somehow  anyway. I haven't noticed anything  else unusual but I do think  it is quite unusual  for a 7 year old to have this many frequent sores.


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