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Who else gets meningitis?

Just wondering, I realized that I don't see many people mention it... Would love to hear about your experience with it, severity, duration, frequency, etc.

Any other weird symptoms not commonly mentioned?

Myself personally, had "acne" for years and it was behcets related.

Also, do you guys get thrush right after a huge bout of oral ulcers?

Lastly, Ladies- do you have recurrent pain in the scars of genital ulcers? Like a sudden tinge every so often?

I feel like no one talks about the downstairs business...and it's the worst part, in my opinion.


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sorry nobody has replied to may be because your post isn't locked and some people don't like replying to unlocked posts as their reply and your post goes all over the internet and so can be read by anyone.

What you can do...if you want to, is click on the little downward arrow next to the word button saying "+Follow post". It then gives you the option to edit your post and if you click on edit it will open the post settings.

scroll down the page until you see the button "community" and click that. Then save it and you will notice a padlock just under the title.

hope this helps you to get some replies

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Hi I had meningitis last year and newly diagnosed with BS! Although I've had it send I was 15 when I had severe bout of glandular fever/Epstein Barr etc! The meningitis they reasoned was part of lymes disease which I never knew I had but I honestly believe IT was all part n parcel of the BS! The headaches were excruciating and I was in Hosp for 6 wks! Temps 40degrees etc etx mouth ulcers other ulcers, couldn't speak, couldn't walk n sore eyes n reflux! Thankfully although ive had a relapse this week it's nothing like last time! There was 14 years between the first attack and the one last year! hope this sheds light for you x

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It's funny that you mention the EBV. I had mono at 14 as well and honestly since then, have never felt the same "energy wise." From what I read about BD, all we need is some major life event to compromise us and boom- BD emerges (if it's in the genetics and what not). If I was doomed per se to have this disease at some

point of my life,

I would have to say I am blessed (yep I used that word with BD) to have been diagnosed so early in life and have learned to handle it better day by day. I could not imagine getting my first major flare being much older and with children running around. How terrifying. At least now, I am learning my body's limits and able to be selfish on sleep.


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