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Neuro bechets Ireland

Hi ,

I was diagnosed with Neuro Bechets in September last. I am 35 now. I had suffered from mouth ulcers, recurrent tonsillitis and folliculitis over the years but it wasn't until I suffered from venous sinus thrombosis that I received a diagnosis of neuro behcets in September. I am living in Ireland (Dublin) and would be interested to hear from anyone suffering from NBD and particularly those living in Ireland. I am being treated with steriods and cyclophosphamide. I am recovering well but I worry about flare ups in the future. I would like to hear from people in the same boat. Many thanks,


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Hello Mary, welcome to the forums. You may like to make your posts private, ie, viewable only to members of this group. You will probably get more responses if you do that. You may find it useful to put 'Ireland' in the top right search box - you will find a few discussions from people with BD in Ireland.

Best wishes



Hello, Marry. I suffered from venous sinus thrombosis after c section. I am 34 years old. I have no diagnosis yet. but I have a lot of folliculitis, a little bit of thrush, lesions in the skin as if they were insect bites but they are not and I feel on the knees and elbows as if they have been scratched but there is nothing there. sorry my english, I'm from Brazil.


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