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any one from Canada

hello all of you amazing people

my name is sue ( if you did not know lol ) and i am from Australia .

i have a little prob i am trying to find out about the behcet's day in tronoto were we all get tested to find out how this thing works and how we got it

i have tried to sing in but will not let me and i do not won't to miss out

and the other thing is can any one help me find some were to stay .....and i will stay any were as i just won't to be there so bad

if not i could fly home after the test 20 something hours on a plain to get home i can sleep there lol

no thank you every one

stay well and keep smiling as a group we can over come any thing

sue hugs :) xox

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Hi there

I had a read of the Canadian Behects website and you need to register on the 18th October as they have been overwhelmed with requests for the first one.

I have attached a link to the information page in case you haven't seen it

Also at the bottom of that page is some contact emails which may also help you.

For questions or specific details contact Jon Stewart at

Behcet’s patients requiring more information may also contact Cindy Foster at or Tracey Moorley at

It's also on a Facebook Group that you can join on this link

Hope this is what you are looking for :)



I don't want to put a damper on your travel but this is just a DNA collecting exercise one of many taking place around the world, it is not a diagnostic test. Researchers are trying to find the genetic markers that give the person the likely hood of having the disease and this is only part of the story. Encourage your own Vasculitis group to do the same will be a better use of your time and save you a great deal of expense.

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