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We recently had a rogue advert on the forum and perhaps it is timely to remind users that unless you tick the 'members of this community only' button everyone on the Healthunlocked Forum can access it. The site is monitored by us regularly and you can send an email to any time with queries and questions, we also have a medical panel who can answer specific questions (all of which is conducted anonymously) do please use this facility.

The forum is well used and very helpful to patients, I think awareness of privacy is an issue for many sites Facebook included, do take care with personal information on any site.

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Thank you so much for your is welcomed to explain both the services of the Behects Society and the working of this forum in respect of the privacy of the comments that people put on it.

I and others try to warn people of the 'members of this community only' button but as others post questions/postings, the warning moves down the list to disappear, thus the warning is lost.

I have discussed this with Chris Philips from Behcets Society and Healthunlocked who have passed it onto the people involved in designing this very useful forum. Healthunlocked have replied to me that it will be looked into at their next meeting.

Hopefully we will see a resolution to this issue


Well said Angela. I too am very grateful to the Behcet Society, and in the main the forum is a wonderfully supportive community.

Hopefully we will all continue to work together to eradicate rogue postings as quickly as we can.


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