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Cambridge Vasculitis Support meeting on 7 December

The Behcet's East of England support group is linking with the Vasculitis group on 7 December in Cambridge for some interesting talks on diet/nutrition and treatment methods - There are two speakers on this occasion: Dr Federico Alberici from the Addenbrookes Vasculitis team will be talking about "Vasculitis, drugs and side effects" (in particular he has news of work he has been doing on Rituximab).

Jacky Davis is a nutritionist and will be talking about "How to help ourselves through diet and nutrition.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing the link.


Do you live near Cambridge? I coordinate the Cambridge and East of England Behcet's Support group. Will gladly connect you with others in the area if so.


No, I'm Kent-based but I'm in Cambs on a regular basis.

Thanks for the offer though :)


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