Annual Behcet Conference Saturday 19th October (cut and pasted from Tigerfeet's original post)

Thought I'd give you all plenty of notice - some of you might want to book overnight accomodation.

Forest Hotel, Station Road, Dorridge, West Midlands B93 8JA. All members, families and friends welcome.

The Agenda hasn't been published yet but the aim is to serve tea/coffee on arrival from 10am, start 10.30 and finish at 4.30.

There will be a presentation from a Psychologist, a Rheumatologist and other medical presentations which will be confirmed in the next newsletter.

I've been a few times and can thoroughly recommend it.

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  • As I said I am just re-iterating the date so that you all remember. I have never been to the conference but I believe in networking and the power of friendship and I live 10 mins away so hope to meet lots of you that day.

  • Mike and I should be there. Should I wear a pink carnation so you will recognise me?????? lol

  • The agenda has been published it appears on the website and was in the latest newsletter. Please let the admin office know if you are coming so that the correct catering can be ordered. All are welcome there is no charge other than a donation for refreshments.

  • Mike and Suzanne Knowles will be attending.

  • David Elvins and Maria Knight will be attending.

  • Hello - I'm new here. My partner and I would really like to come!

  • Go to the Behcet Society and there is a contact phone number and email address for a lovely guy called Chris. Contact him as they need to know the numbers for is also possible to pay the joining fee to the Behcet Society I think if you talk to him...hope you can make it xx

  • Thanks ever so much -will do that xx

  • Hi,

    Thanks alot for all the info :) My mum is Denise coming to this from Devon,It would be nice for her if she met some of you

    Hope everyone is doing ok .

    Loves xxxx

  • I shall make a point of finding your mum and saying hello Miss Rosie, I will be on my own too.

    Look forward to meeting you all !

  • Just bumping the post up so that you are all aware of the event. It's a great opportunity to hear current thinking on Behcet and to network with each can be lonely dealing with chronic illness.

  • hello goodlife :) hope you're doing ok,yeah that would be nice shes lovely (but i'm bias LOL) shes got curIy dark brown hair and greeney blue eyes lol and is really smiley :)

    lots of loves xx

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