Behcet's Syndrome Society

A Message from The Behcets Society

This forum is for patients and their supporters to share information and their experiences. All views are those of the patients / carers only and are not endorsed by the Behcet's Syndrome Society. Although posts may touch on medication, we'd like all users to be aware that advice of this type on this forum should not be trusted as medical advice should only be sought from medical professionals. The Society cannot respond to every post as we are a small charity who have just one employee, Chris Phillips. The Behcet's Patients Centres employ three Support Workers - Jean Christians; Janine Davies and Carol Hughes who are also on the forum. None of these employees are medically trained and will not provide medical advice or opinion. If you have a query of a medical nature, please contact our Admin Office at and we'd be happy to forward your query to our Medical Advisory Panel which offer an anonymous and confidential service.


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