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Hi all

Roxy may I ask whereabouts in the country you live as we have been turned down for a blue badge twice now. My husband is 72 he has had 2 new knees and a hip and a severely arthritic ankle which is twice the size of the other and very difficult for him to find footwear, the surgeons have said they will not operate as chances of success are practically nil. I have BD and severe degenerative spondylitis through most of my spine. Walking is very difficult for both so us and I also cannot carry anything not even a handbag, so can't go anywhere alone. Also the speed of the public transport round here is dangerous and extremely uncomfortable for us both. I know they are making NHS cuts but we are wondering what we have to suffer before we can get one.



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Hi Billi

That is awful that that you have not been able to get a badge. I would apply again and if refused then would appeal the decision. On the form put down answers as if it were one of your bad days! I filled in the form as on an average day and that is why they refused. Once I had my appeal I explained that my mobility is varied and can be different every day. I live in Wiltshire and I know they have got tough on it here but I would lose so much independence without it. Like you I cannot carry heavy items. I go to the supermarket every day to get the things I need for the day because I cannot do a big shop onmy own. (My other half always end up arguing if we shop together)!!!!!

Don't give in and I took all my hospital appointment letters and GP info to show them so they could see how frequent I am seen and what exactly I suffer from. They didn't even look but I made sure it was available.

Good luck and dont let the system beat you.





Hi Angela and thanks for info. Will definitely give it another try......who knows 3rd time lucky!!!!


Hi billi...that's good advice from Angela....have both of you applied for the Blue Badge or just one of you ?

If it is for your husband make sure you make them aware that the Doctors will not operate on him...if you have reports that confirm Angela says make reference to them on the form and take them with you. If he cannot go out alone also put this on the form

With your own application make sure you put all the difficulties you experience [including fatigue and send the 2 forms in together so they realise that you both are having such difficulties and rely on each other. I know they will assess them individually but it may sway their attitude if they realise the real situation...even if they just give it to one of you.

As Angela says appeal if both of you are would be surprised how many appeals are upheld.

Good Luck



Hi yes we have both applied at different times and we only want one but as you know in all areas of London they are cutting back on so many things and rules seem to change at will. We will take all this advice on board and as my mum used to say.....if at first you don't succeed , try, try, try again!!!!! Hope you are feeling ok




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