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Could it be?

Hi everyone, I have just stumbled across this site whilst trying to find out more information about possible conditions.

I was diagnosed last year with Fibromyalgia but have never felt 100% with this diagnosis as some of the symtoms really don't match.

It seems as though the most common symptoms of Behcet's are mouth ulcers, I rarely get these but some of my otherr symptoms could fit, I would be so grateful it anyone could shed some light,

My predonimant symptoms are joint pains (knees, ankles, fingers and elbows) as well as lower back and neck pain. There is usually a swelling around the area, and during a bad spell it feels like electric shocks, short sharp bursts of pain.

I have had eye ulcers in the past and frequent dry eyes but being a contact lens wearer I have always put it down to that.

I get bad abdominal pain, always sore to press and have been diagnosed with IBS in the past.

I have also recently developed acne on my back which is taking a very long time to clear.

I am also frequently extremely tired and exhausted which is effecting my work so I really want to try and get to the bottom of it all!

Any advice would be hugely appreaciated.


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None of us can tell you if you have BD or not, only a BD Specialist can do that, but if you are not happy then there is plenty you can do - Have you read these?

They might give you more of an idea if you have BD.

If you haven't done so already, it's a good idea to keep a diary of your symptoms and take photos whenever possible.

I'll leave you to consider those links and I am sure you will get some more responses later or in the morning about what to do next, but it's off to bed for me now. :)


That's good advice from Tigerfeet

I think the keeping a diary of your symptoms and taking photos of anything visible is probably your best bet and the most effective way to get an answer. Fibromyalgis is one of the conditions that can go hand in hand with Behcets, but some specialists call it Fibromyalgia and other call it other things like Arthralgia.

Also if you can copy the information from the links Tigerfeet has given you and highlight anything that you think applies to you.

You can then take it to you G.P or specialist and ask for a referral....the Behcets Society have a list of experienced Dr's and now there are 3 Centres of Excellance in England.

Good luck with it as I know how worrying and frustrating it can be when you don't feel quite right about a diagnosis you have been given


Thank you both, I will spend some time studying the info in the links so I can go to my next gp appointment fully armed!

It is frustrating as my doctor has admitted not believing in things like fibromyalgia but maybe finding a more sympathetic gp would help!


A sympathetic G.P is imperative

Be firm but polite and I find if I do the homework myself before taking it to the G.P it does work much better + I am not stressing about remembering what to say or what my symptoms are etc.

Photo's also work really well to get the doctors focusing

Good Luck


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