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Remicade, Imuran, Colchicine

I will start Remicade soon and my doctor plans to stop my Imuran and colchicine about the same time. However, I have heard that some Behcet's patients have remained on their immunosuppresants while using the Remicade. Is this a subjective decision by my doctor or is he just not following protocol (or what is protocol)? Thanks, Betty

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It depends on the patient. You should not need to be on them all. I stopped everything except the infliximab. They sometimes reintroduce an immunosuppressant about six months in.


I am on colchicine, pentoxyfilline for my BD but dont think it is working. Where you ok when you came off your meds.


My rheumy had me go off my immunosuppressants, which turned out to be a huge mistake. Ulcerations came back with greater frequency than in years, andjoint pain worse than ever. I understand everyone is different, but now I can't seem to get restabilized.


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