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Chances of Genital Warts?

I will try to keep this short.

I met my ex boyfriend about 18 months ago.

Around 8 months in, he tells me we can't have sex for a little while because he 'has something to tell me'. Turns out when he was 18 (7 years ago) he got genital warts. He said he had a few outbreaks at the beginning, he got the treatment and hadn't had any for 4 or 5 years.

He was with his ex gf for 2 years and she never contracted them so he thought he was 'cured' but a bump freaked him out. When he got it checked out it wasnt a wart but i'm still so worried. Could I have this??

Needless to say i'm not seeing him now and I havent slept with him since September. So far there are no signs of anything but I am so worried and scared of going to the Dr and getting bad news.

Unlike him i've decided not to sleep with anyone until I have a sure answer but from the stuff i've read it seems like there isn't a test, you just have to hang around and wait for something to appear?

Please help!

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PS we stopped using condoms as soon as we decided neither of us would be seeing any one else. We had unprotected sex for about 8 months.


Dear Molly1990,

It's a real shame that you ended the relationship because of this. Genital warts are incredibly common and completely harmless.

The vast majority of people who get exposed to the wart virus won't ever get warts. Whilst the virus can be transmitted even if you don't have visible warts, it's most likely if warts are present.

In addition most people will clear the wart virus 1-2yrs after the warts of gone.

I would say you are pretty safe, and should continue your life without worrying about warts.

Kind regards.


Hi Molly1990,

I am sorry to hear you ended your relationship due to him having genital warts in the past.

At least 80% of people will have wart virus at some point in their life & it is just a simple skin virus- not a big deal at all. Lots of people have the virus, but never show any warts. Most people's immune system will deal with the virus & clear it without showing warts or needing any treatment. Do not worry about having warts at all, your ex was unlikely to still have the virus when you were together.


The virus stay in you for many years but you can treat the symptom (those unpleasant bumps) pretty easily with an over the counter treatment called Wartrol. Honestly this has save my relationship. I am in the same situation has you. I told my man that I got it a while ago but he did not care that much has long as he could no see it. You can find more information about this product here

Good luck with everything. Hopefully your partner will be as understanding and loving as mine.


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