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im worried after a friend told me something about cold sores being herpes i believe i touched my cold sore before i masturbated

im just wondering if i could have given myself myself genital herpes also this was hours after. in fact it was the morning after (don't know how long the virus stays alive on hands) to be precise but just wondering if there is a way to be absolutely sure like a test or something well anyway any help would be appreciated thanks also i dry masturbated that day so i felt like a little bit of a burning pain down there so i don't know if that's a symptom or if its just from the dry masturbation anyway thanks again.

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The HSV virus; herpes; lives in the nerves and breakouts through the skin. Once the virus is out in the "air" it dies very quickly and therefore it is highly unlikely that you have transferred the virus.

Do you know which type of HSV you have orally?

Simple hand hygiene, ie washing your hands properly after touching your oral area will kill the virus on your hands.

Your local GUM clinic can do a swab test test to try and detect the virus in either location.

How long have you had oral HSV? The longer you have it in one area the greater the antibodies you develop within your body and therefore the less likely it is that you can get HSV in another location.

It used to be believed that if you had type 1 orally then you couldn't get type 1 genitally but this no longer the case (can't supply the links as website is down).

Try not to freak and if you need reassurance go and get tested


Cold sores are herpes. You can get them on your mouth or genitals regardless of whether you have type 1 or type 2. They can both be spread by having sex, touching, kissing, etc.

Carryon is correct: It is VERY unlikely that you'll get herpes in more than one part of your body. Just make sure you don't kiss anyone or perform oral sex, etc, while you have a coldsore.


You can't spread it around yourself, only other people.


So, you can or can't transfer it to your gentital area?


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