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stinging vaginal pain during sex, wasn't there before

Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for 3 months now. We use a condom as I'm not on the pill yet, there's no risk from either of us that someone has cheated but the last 2 or 3 times we've had sex, i've started getting a stinging pain inside my vagina.

it starts after we've beenhaving sex for a while, but it's not friction, we had a problem before and now we make sure we're both properly lubed up, a few times it's been bad enough that i've had to stop or ask him to.

any ideas? i read something about vaginismus but i'm not sure, i've never had any kind of problem with him before, he's the only person i've been with and we are completely devoted to eachother so it's not nerves or anything.

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Hi Here for the info,

I've answered your other question about contraception in the other thread.

Your symptoms don't sound like vaginismus, probably a sexual health Dr or Nurse needs to have a look just to make sure your skin is ok, so when you go talk about contraception have a chat with them about this too. Water based lube can dry out so make sure you keep on topping it up or you could try a silicone based one which is extra slippy (it says on the bottles which ones they are).

Don't be worried about going to a sexual health clinic, most run dedicated young persons clincs and they will make you feel at ease and answer all your questions.


get checked for std's especially chlamydia. also are u lubricating naturally? if not use astro glide or some other lube


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